Helping communities recover from natural disasters


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Helping communities recover from natural disasters - UPS

Heavy rains over central Europe between July 12 and 15 resulted in historic flooding, with some of the most severe effects concentrated in western Germany.

In response, The UPS Foundation made a €50,000 donation to Johanniter in support of relief efforts. Those funds have helped cover materials to repair or rebuild damaged houses, including basic household appliances, dehumidifiers, tools and rubber boots. They’ve also provided support to kindergartens, youth welfare facilities, psychosocial care stations and mobile medical care for families in the hardest hit areas.

Then on July 16, the Henan province in central China experienced its most intense downpour in a thousand years as record rainstorms inundated cities and villages. More than 2.5 million people in Xinxiang, about a third of the city’s population, have been affected by the torrential rains.

The UPS Foundation again stepped in and donated RMB 1.36 million to support post-disaster relief work in Xinxiang. UPS is also partnering with Operation Blessing China to provide relief services, and together they aim to help up to 100,000 residents affected by the flooding.