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    I have notice that every time I have to help another driver the back of there package car is a mess. Nothing is sorted pickup pieces are mixed in with delivery piece and they don't see a problem with it. Then it take forever for them to find the packages they are giving me to deliver.

    If they took 5 minutes a couple of times a day and sorted the the next 30 or 40 stops they wouldn't need any help to start with they would have been done already. They should teach new drivers to sort in stead of hunt and peck for packages at each stop.
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    ‚ÄčIt drives me crazy to have my truck in disarray. I have to stop at least once a day to sort shelves and clean up the floor. P/U's go in one area (if at all possible - some rtes P/U's fill in shelves that are empty). I always 'face' 1 P/U label at the end of pkgs that are still waiting to be delivered. The rest of the P/U's behind that I don't care how the labels fall as long as they are loaded so they don't come off the shelves.


    Relative to you guys Im a new driver. Im the same way though I cant stand having it in a mess! I use my 10 minute break after I run all my commercial stops to get every single stop in order.
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    It is hard to organize a p700 with 400 sum pkgs on it
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    After you get the 1000 and 2000 section empty you start to have room to sort. You need to know where your package are before you get to the next couple of stops in the morning as the day goes by that number can increase to the next 30 to 40 stops or more if you have the room to sort.

    At 5 or 6 at night you should have plenty of room. I'll show up to a meet point at 5 and they have deliver stops on every shelf in no given order and they don't know where anything is. It frustrating I sort it make the job a lot easier then you go meet the other driver and you know that they have been wasting time doing the hunt and peck method.
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    Then you didn't take a 10 minute break, did you?

    10 mins x 5 days = $38.34 a week
    $38.34 x 48 weeks = $1840 a year

    Wake up new driver


    Bubblehead how about more freakin cow bell? You are right though I need to stop putting that in as a break. Gotta remember though cowbell I dont make what you do. So as of right now it wouldnt be $1840 a year for me. Point taken though.
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    I almost posted that, but I didn't think it would have any effect.


    Guys Im tellin ya more cowbell is what this needs!
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    I sort my 1st 2 sections before I leave the building in the morning (on the clock), the rest of my businesses when I kick off the last air and the rest of the car when I do my last commercial stop. The times that I have needed help, I had the stops sorted in delivery order. The same goes for the guys on the routes next to mine.

    Several years ago, I took 20ish stops off a guy. When I was almost done with those, I got another message to help him out again. We met and found 3 stops for apartment buildings that I had already been to and other stops on streets that I had been down. That was the last time I helped him.

    It can certainly be easy to blame the preload, but after the 1st 4 sections are delivered, there should be enough room to sort the rest of the truck, even if you have to use the floor.

    I will say this is one area where PAS/PAL saved me some time. Pre, I was sorting 30-45 minutes a day, post it is down to 10-15 minutes. The most sorting was 180 resi stops in a P700. I was still able to completely set up after the 1st 4 sections were done.

    If I have a good day going, I do not mind helping someone out.
  11. Backlasher

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    Never get pick-ups mixed with Dels. Sort as you work threw the day, NOT ON YOUR BREAK, LoL.

    Run 5-10 stops then sort, repeat. Once you have a few feet of shelve, slide your sections forward leaving back shelve clear for pick ups. Same goes with the floor. You can do this with efficiency after practice. Next thing u know, it will be easy and without thought. I still burn 18+ sphor while doing this so believe me, When it's a habit, it's easy and you'll run threw your day faster and less head aches. Oh, I meant walk @ brisk pace, not run.

    I like to help but it's very frustrating when the clock is ticking and u R done but are now stairing at anothers mess with pickup covering del on the floor of anothers truck,LoL. Dude u having a real bad day. Frustrating when that keeps u out much longer.

    I like to transfer EDD over to my board also when I'm taking stops off someone who's route I don't know well but the time gets eating by them hunting for pieces mixed with pick ups and no time to scan and transfer. Then in my head, I'm like, thanks buddy, now we both are screwed. LOL.

    I'll admit though, Some routes get slammed early with heavy pick ups and hard to not get stops mixed but thats why we gotta be professional and sort and slide threw the day.
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    Don't worry about your numbers take all your breaks and lunch every minute. Sort when you are getting paid. Don't worry your not wasting time you will more than make up the time you sorted as you deliver those sorted stops as you not hunting and pecking for the next package at each stop hoping to find it if it even on the car.
  13. Backlasher

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    I'd rather retire earlier then clock out earlier.

    If he was to Sort and slide stops up front throughout the day He wouldn't need to burn threw breaks.


    Sorry but in my truck sorting and sliding are 2 entirely different things. You must have a great preloader that puts everything in order. I dont have that luxury. Just cause I slide something to the front doesnt mean its in its correct spot. When I do this I will stop at a convenient store, grab something to snack on and as I snack I sort the truck. As I said point was well taken.
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    I don't mind helping somebody out that has there Sh-t together but when I show out and it a cluster. I get really :censored2: off and my SUP hears about the next day..
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    I'm a helper, and a messy truck aggravates me as well. My driver sometimes leaves small/fallen packages on the floor throughout the day. Then, at some random time when he is trying to find a package, I will point to the floor and tell him to check what that one is. Several times, that packages was the one he was looking for. I load his truck, so I know that I don't put tiny packages on the floor. He has even skipped packages before that I left floored in pretty obvious locations. I don't know how he got any work done at all without a helper. When he does his pickups, I hop back there and try to straighten out things as much as possible.
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    What's even more frustrating to me are the drivers I go to help that give me twice as much work as what they keep for themselves. There are a few drivers in my center that I refuse to help for this reason alone. We have very demanding jobs and I'm for helping a fellow driver but when I take 30 stops and u keep 12 and I find out you have been clocked out for 45 minutes when I get back well let's just say u won't see my truck backing up to yours anytime soon.
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    i have been driving for 7 years and i barely started to be more organized. It was funny one day i just woke up and thought man wouldnt this job be easier if everything was organized. The answer is yes.
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