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  1. soberups

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    Yesterday I had to go help a driver who was sent out on a route cold with 80 stops more than the bid driver normally gets. The poor guy had 90 stops left at 4:30 and I was nearly done so we chopped them in half and I got to work.

    The area was one that I did not know quite as well as my own, I didnt have a map, and PAS/EDD for the area was a train wreck. So I "cheated" a little and found myself pulling the DIAD out of the slot and looking at it constantly to help myself navigate and be productive. And I *probably* left my door open on a stop or two. I got all the stops delivered safely, but the Telematics report is going to make me look like a spanked ass for pulling the DIAD while the truck was moving. I am quite sure my sup is going to come running after me this morning with his daily clipboard full of things to bitch about and he might even want to call me in the office for a little "motivation session."

    I have decided that I dont care, and that if he starts whining about it or wanting to show me his little map sheet full of colored lines I will probably be "unable to recall" any specific details. Since he wasnt there and didnt witness it personally, it is of no concern to me. They screwed up the dispatch, they needed help, and I cheerfully, efficiently and safely gave them the help without attitude or complaint. So as far as that report goes....."it is what it is."
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    Sounds like a good plan Sober. Don't give 'em an inch.
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    What you should be getting is a great big thanks for bailing out that driver who was overdispatched. At my center, if you help "them" out, things like bulkhead doors and DIADS being pulled out of the slot while driving would be overlooked. The proverbial double standard.
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    First, I understand that management stupidity caused the problem (overdispatching a cover driver and a poorly set up PAS / EDD).

    I will bet you that they don't know about the DIAD being pulled while you were driving. I don't think it will be on the report.

    Let me know if I'm right.

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    The beauty of it soberups if they don't mention it, but a few weeks later, they pull you over to the side to discuss similar incidents that happened the day before, you can scream arbitrary enforcement of the rules. :happy-very:
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    i have noticed that simply pulling the diad out of the slot doesnt show on any reports. If you pull it out and you hit a button and something beeps, or if you hit the scan button twice, and it turns on the scan laser, that shows as a hit.
  8. tieguy

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    good job making service.

    boss does the report show me walking on water cause thats what I had to do to make service on all his packages.:happy-very:
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    Like Obama walking across your swimming pool?
  10. No such person

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    I think yeldarb is right, just looking at the diad doesn't show up. I'm in SNE district, the one with 100% telematics, and they only get us for recording while driving or idling.
    I'm also one of the guys they use to fix dispatch problems, so I know where you're coming from. At least twice a week I see that green light go on at about 5:30, and I just say, Okay, where to now.
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    I live by a simple philosophy at work. I dont ask for help and I dont volunteer to help. If they overdispatch me, I assume they want me to either stay out very late or miss stuff. If they send help then that is up to them. If they need to get help to another driver, that is extra work and should go by seniority rules (offer from the top, force from the bottom). They know how much each route should be dispatched at. They expect me to do my job to a certain standard; ditto for them.

    Now if a neighboring driver needs to get off early for whatever reason, I have no problem helping them if they ask. They may return the favor for me someday.
  12. tieguy

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    sniper six you already fired that chamber. need some new material dear.
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    Guys they can not discipline you for the technology! If you are questioned about something from the technology, DO NOT answer the question. In answering you can convict yourself by admitting guilt! How many time have you heard a sup say i do not recall?

    Let them follow you and discipline you, and sober thanks for servicing the customer! Because you probably wont hear that!
  14. soberups

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    You were right.

    I did get called in to look at my Telematics report (apparently I didnt get the seat belt buckled before my wheels turned at one stop), and the stops I took off of the other driver didnt show up on the map even though we transferred EDD data from his DIAD to mine. Weird.

    Here is another EDD/PAS/DIAD quirk I have a question about; the area I delivered was in a different loop, so even though we transferred EDD data I had to "override" each stop as being no such street, street # out of range etc.

    Every time I ever have to help out in this loop, after "overriding" 20 or 25 stops my DIAD will inevitably crash or freeze up and I have to hold down the A-K-X keys and wait about 5 minutes for it to reboot. Why does this happen? And why is my DIAD unable to "recognize" the stops for which EDD data has been transferred? It gets to the point where I have to bypass EDD altogether and manually enter a bogus address from "my" route that the board will accept, scan the package, and then change and override to the actual delivery address in order to keep the DIAD from going haywire. It would be nice if there was a fix for this.
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    I'm suprised how strict the report is. It showed you didn't have you seatbelt fastened before the wheels moved? I know its the rules but I do it for 1/2 a second at every stop. For the last 10 years I have clicked the belt as the truck started to move on my safety rides and the supervisor has done the same or clicked it even 5 seconds later and didn't mention a word.

    Are they really cracking down on a literal 1/2 second? I start the car, put it in drive and then clear my mirrors and blind spot as a fasten the seatbelt. Many times I start to drive as I click the belt. Are they really going to bag me for this?
  16. soberups

    soberups Pees in the brown Koolaid

    Yes, they really are cracking down on a literal 1/2 second.

    Bear in mind that they just spent something like $700 per vehicle to install the system, so that expense must be justified. That system prints out a report, and there is a supervisor who justifies his continued employment with UPS by taking that report and confronting his employees with it so that they can be given some S.pecial H.igh I.ntensity T.raining. The post-Telematics center is a place where the supervisor wanders around every morning with a clipboard full of maps with colored lines indicating various transgressions involving seatbelts, open doors, and overallowed time spent at individual stops for which his people must be held accountable. Its basically like a WOR on some major steroids, combined with Management By Commitment-the 2009 Edition.

    Just remember the new mantra; "I dont recall. I dont recall. Gee, I'm sorry, I dont recall."
  17. Bigdawg872

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    You can get that fixed by having your DPS Sup. adding the other loop to your DIAD dispatch. You may or maynot have room for the extra loop in your DIAD though. A DIAD will only hold 3000 different address ranges/consignees.
  18. IWorkAsDirected

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    You have to move down and select the route which has the edd info, something it took me awhile to learn, just before I retired.
  19. dilligaf

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    This is true. I have had to do it here. The first time I transferred EDD, I ran all the stops without even seeing them in the diad. ??????? I scanned and the address came up. But the second time I was out of the EDD screen and when I hit EDD I had to choose what I wanted. ???????

    How's retirement IWAD?
  20. pretzel_man

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    I think they are focused in on the amount of distance travelled without the seat belt on. I believe less than 1/4 mile is the target.