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Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by FedexExEmployee, Jan 16, 2008.

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    After 24 yrs. of employment my spineless Sr. Mgr. terminates me for firing a person he told me to "take out." She must of had pictures of him under his bosses desk because she got her job back and I was terminated! This brainwashing company has no business being in Forbes Top 100 places to work. Bring on the teamsters and if they need my help in organizing the Express business, let me know.
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    Sorry to hear that. Hope you find a place where you are appreciated. Fedex certainly isn't that place.
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    I think fedex is being stupid about the whole fedex ground dilemma.
    Why dont they stop hiring contractors for ground service and just get the fedex express drivers to do it all,like we do at ups.When the fedex guy in my area sees my truck,be it morning or evening,he just shakes his head and says I dont know how you do it,but the fact is,I do what it takes 2 fedexers to do every day.This way,they could save millions in wages,and
    be twice as productive on the road.Am I missing something?Is there something I'm overlooking that would make this option impossible?
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    You are missing the 800 pound gorilla. If Fedex allows the contractors to become employees, then we will not be covered under the Railway Act anymore. This would allow Teamsters to organize by station instead of the entire job class. Thats why they won't let air drivers deliver ground pkgs. Would rather go through this nonsense of having 4-5 Fedex drivers deliver to business and fight lawsuits than do something that common sense tells them to do.
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    Actually...we are doing what takes 3 different FedEx's to do. Remember they have Express, Ground, and Home Delivery. One day about a month ago I was out in the country and I had passed the Express guy heading out there. Then I passed the Ground guy in a neighborhood and on the way back to the city I passed the Home Delivery guy who was just then making his way out to the country. I've also delivered packages to houses that already had FedEx packages on the porch. I couldn't help but laugh when I thought about how many different people it took to get all the people's packages there that day.
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    You should see it from our side! I have delivered to businesses before around lunch time. They try to hand me a ground pkg and I have to tell them that I can't take it. I've had them get mad and tell me that I'm the 3rd ofr 4th person if a FEDEX uniform that they have tried to give the package to and none of them can take it. "Why can't you just take it?" Can only tell them to call the 800 number. I will deliver to remote residentials and see FEDEX ground has already been there before me. I just put my pkg under theirs to make it look like I got there first, smile, and keep on going.
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    I do the same thing! Except I put the UPS Next Day Air under the Fedex Express package so it looks like I was there first!

    Welcome to the Brown Cafe. Fedex Express does do a better job with air than we do. I think its ridiculous our drivers are started so late in the morning. Most businesses open by 8 AM, they want their overnight stuff then, not right before 10:30.
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    Thanks for the welcome. I have been lurking on this site for a while and I really enjoy it. Even though there is a healthy competition between companies, I feel a kinship with the drivers who comment on here. Hopefully when they say down with purple, they mean the company not the employees. Anyway, I am a guest here, and I realize that it is a brown site, but I enjoy it very much.
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    welcome Memphis fedexer!