Herman Cain 9-9-9 disaster plan

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Sleeve_meet_Heart, Oct 16, 2011.

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    9-9-9 equals a tax break for the rich, and a tax increase for the poor. The 9% sales tax would be a job killer because it would drive consumption down instead of up. Would you buy a new car and pay 18% tax on it, assuming a local 9% sales tax + Cain's 9% national tax? Simplistic, moronic, and a burden on the middle and lower classes. Just what the "job creators" want.
  4. moreluck

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    Pay your fair share. I see nothing wrong with that applying to all Americans!!!
  5. UnsurePost

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    The lower-middle income tax hikes will better fund the wars and all that American stuff though. The corporations, instead of paying taxes, will donate to their politicians of choice and recieve the greatest benes...'ol Freddy is probably a Cain guy, no? Or Perry... :D
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  6. The Other Side

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    Of course you would support it. You would believe doubling your sales taxes would be good for you to make up for the tax cut for the rich.

  7. moreluck

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    I said I like "pay your fair share" and you have gripes. Hey, the sky is blue.
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    There is already a thread on Herman Cain discussing this very issue. Please reduce redundant threads. thanks!
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    Dont look now but CAINS associations with the KOCH brothers is starting to surface!
    Long ties to Koch brothers key to Cain's campaign - Yahoo! News

    Why is an outsider hiring operatives from the biggest INSIDERS in the republican political world? Seriously? The Koch brothers? And he wants to claim he is an outsider??

    Give us a break. Another phoney walking and talking with the richest americans hands up his keister moving his mouth!


  10. wkmac

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  11. moreluck

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    Oh look, you can tell by the ears it's an Obama puppet.....too light to be Herman!
  12. klein

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    You know, I a way I hope Moreluck gets her 9-9-9 tax.

    She'll love to be a much larger share then she already does.
    She owns rental properties

    Under todays tax code she can write all repairs off she needs for them. Wih 9-9-9 NOTHING becomes a write-off.
    So, for instance a furnace or a/c unit dies. She gets to buy a new one, plus 9% extra tax on it, plus labor costs to install it.
    Comes right from her pocket - no more deductions !
    A larger job, like new roofs.. that will set her back, and she can find another job soon to pay for it all LOL
  13. moreluck

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    Talkin' out your butt again !!
  14. tourists24

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    not to mention coming from someone that thinks government has all the answers
  15. klein

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    You do realize that even companies won't be able to do any more write offs, including employer wages.
    So, even for UPS that means saving more money buy not buying anymore new equipment or vehicles.

    They will try to make them last forever !
    Other companies will do the same.

    And this new plan is suppose to put the economy on fast track ?
    Quite the opposite !

    You'll end up with a country working totally inefficiently in the next decades.
  16. moreluck

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    You worry way too much about a country you don't live in. It's creepy!
  17. moreluck

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    Screw Obama, Herman Cain is the role model black Americans have been looking for.
    (Cain)My roots go back through slavery in this country. Yes, they came from Africa, but the roots of my heritage are in the United States of America, so I consider myself a black American
  18. The Other Side

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    Thats the problem with the 999, people just dont get it, they think they can keep all the perks they have enjoyed all these years and have their tax rate cut, when in fact, their taxes are being raised. You are 100% correct. All those deductons go astalabyebye and yet they still say " i think i should pay my fair share".

    Rental properties are a prime example of how a person will get creamed under 999. Mortgage interest- goodbye / repairs- goodbye / rental offsets- good bye /...... cost to a person like moreluck?

    Who knows, but its more than she is paying now!

  19. Baba gounj

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    tos, does this idea of Cain's 9-9-9 tax rate mean that companies that have divisions overseas will now be able to send those profits back to the USA without being taxed twice ?
    If that's true then GM's stock will skyrocket. As will every other company's.
    That would surely spur on domestic economic growth.
  20. moreluck

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    "We just don't get it"......same old M.O.
    Maybe you don't understand that 9-9-9 is only an idea.......not set in cement......it's a flexible transition into a more fair tax for everyone. Cain is a problem solver and will adapt as things change......unlike Obama who bulldozes through and doesn't fix anything.