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  1. nismovvl

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    I did not even know a site like this existed
    It seems like a good resource
    and im glad to have stumbled upon it

    Have a quick question, and would appreciate any help

    but i searched an this seems to be a brought up problem

    I ordered computer parts from new egg on 12/24
    the destination is orlando

    last night it showed the parts in jacksonville and a delvery date of today 12/30

    I just checked again and the jacksonville part was erased
    and i got a reschedule date of much later 1/3

    I realize its almost new years and i live in a populated area. but im always having problems with ups

    this is pretty frustrating because i took today off to put the thing together and was under the impression last night that it was on time. Also it seems strange how they would mark it in one city and erase it the next day.

    here is one of the trackin numbers: 1ZX799390313513279
  2. ups501

    ups501 ups501

    2 feet of snow in new jersey over christmas weekend so everything got backed up
  3. nismovvl

    nismovvl New Member

    ^ thanks
  4. iowa boy

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    Your package got held up in Jersey due to the blizzard last weekend and UPS still trying to clear the backlog of outgoing packages from every shipper in the NE. We apologize for this inconvenience but even UPS can't control the weather sometimes. You will get your package Monday.
  5. nismovvl

    nismovvl New Member

    curse you mother nature!!!!
    (j/k tho...dont want another delay on my package lol)
  6. iowa boy

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    We all love mother nature when she gives us a day off, but the backlog created by that one day off can take up to a week to clean up. Then we all cuss mother nature for giving us that day off.
  7. cachsux

    cachsux Wah

    As always. We don`t recommend waiting until the last minute to order something. There are instances that come up, some within our control some outside of it, that can cause a delay. When the sheer number of packages we handle everyday is factored in the number delayed is quite small and thats impressive. Until it`s the package you`re waiting on.