Hey Hoaxster and all the other bikers

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    Ok. I'm beaten.

    How do I upload a photo onto here?
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    Appreciate it.

    It seems like if Harley was going to advertise in England, they would have a picture of the bike on a road in England rather than the US. Biker is driving on the wrong side of the road for England.
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    I think any Harley advertising in the U.K is based very much on Americanism. The van in the pic is from a shop in Newmarket Suffolk(Horse racing capital of the world) called Black Bear. Its the only store I know of in the area.

    Newmarket has a lot of Americans because it is near Mildenhall and Lakenheath US Air bases. Every other car is a left hooker.

    Also, most bikers spent their time weaving about on the wrong side of the road in the UK anyway. Looks like one of them might have gone headlong into the back of the van. Look at his bumper!