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    Worked for ups 12 yrs ago as a loader of three delivery trucks. I remember having to memorize thousands of zip/addresses.Has it changed since then? Easier to load the delivery trucks now?
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    Most UPS facilities now use a computerized system... as packages are unloaded, they're scanned and receive a label (or inkstamp) identifying which belt the package is flowing to, which truck it is to be loaded onto and where in the truck to place it. e.g. 82A-2016 would tell the loader it's going onto the 82A car, and being loaded onto the 2000 shelf in sequence 16.

    Very easy compared to 12 years ago, but you load more volume.
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    nope has not changed, bye now
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    Yes, it has changed a lot, as Southwestern explained. I'd say it's much, much more easy now. Not just for loading, but also if you have sorters, who can just sort now based on an area, instead of knowing all of the street breaks.
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