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    Hi there,
    So there's a couple postings in my city for UPS drivers and I'm thinking of applying. I dont like the job I'm in now where I sit on my butt all day and want something more active.

    I'm in Ontario Canada and I've found a few threads when I searched... sounds like it's 14 or 15$ to start and eventually goes up to 24? I make $19 bucks an hour now where I am, and I dont expect it to ever be much more than that.

    However, money really isnt the issue, I'd take less money for a job I enjoyed. I'm just a little scared because just sifting through some threads on the union board, it doesnt sound like many enjoy this job? Does anyone? Is it a nice place to work? Are the employees generally treated well?

    (sorry if my questions are redundant, I did use the search!)

    oh, p.s., If a job is posted for the public to apply, how hard is it to get in?

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    DS is one of our friends from Canada. Send him a private message (PM) and he should be able to answer all of your questions for you.
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    thank you!
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    We have a few friends in Canada, but DS is the one you want to talk to .:wink2:
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    Your avatar fills me with Joy!