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    I just got hired for ups for "driver helper" i've done a bunch of reading on this site so far and have discovered several "love, Hate" driver helper posts, so being as such i thought i would post here.

    What if anything at all, should avoid doing while being a driver helper as in what drives you drivers insane when a helper does something you would rather them not do.
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Show up early to your meet point. Show up ready to work and dressed for the weather, to include proper footwear. Lose the cell phone. If you smoke ask your driver what his "policy" is on smoking and respect his wishes. Try to take advantage of rest rooms at delivery points rather than making a special stop. Lunch is not normally built in to a helper's day so plan accordingly. You are there to help the driver, not get in his way. On the other hand, a driver who has you running all over the place while he sits on his butt is taking advantage of you and you need to talk to your helper coordinator if this happens to you so that you can be reassigned. You will work hard for the next month or so but you can also have fun doing so.
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    Hey Johnsour,

    Welcome to the BrownCafe!

    Always show up on time and don't miss a day, if you're sick or can't make it let them know early! Work safely and with a sense of urgency..

    Good luck!:peaceful: