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  1. My local sits on files for yrs. and you may never know the outcome, there has to be another contact that can get the ball rolling , we are getting slammed with 12- 13 hrs days everyday, they cut routes, make the drivers cross over each other, make us go off our routes to do other routes while that route is still in, this is such a waste of GAS and extra wear and tear on the vehicles. Is it like this now , or is it just poor management....
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    13 hour days. I think not.
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    Think again we had a driver out of hours at by 4pm a few Fridays back.
  4. i didnt say we are working 13 hrs i said the dispatch is 13 hrs, some work 12,11.5, 10 depends on person....
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    If you file a grievance and the local doesn't act on it, write them a letter inquiring about the status of your grievance. In writing. Then, 30 days form that letter, write a letter to your state council with a copy of said letter. If still nothing 30 days from that letter, write another. To the International, with copies of the prior letters. Still nothing? Call the NLRB. I think you will see some activity before it get to the NLRB.
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    The planes flying overhead everyday all day tell me it might be that time of year, again.
  8. thanks....
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    yep. i agree