High Value Clerks & Customer Counter Clerks - Union or Not Union?

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    ​Hello everyone.

    I've been a UPS employee for 16 years. I've worked part-time on the Local Sort as a high value clerk. My job currently is not a union position, nor is it a management one. I have some benefits, but nothing compared to what a union or management person is offered. For this reason, I've been trying to get my job switched to a union position for some time. So far, I, and the union rep for our building, have had no luck.

    I know that in some buildings in our state, they have a union person doing my job even though, technically, it is not a union position. I am trying to find out if this is a normal practice in other buildings as well. If it is, I would like to think the Teamsters would have a better case at changing the job to a union one so that everyone doing the job is offered the same benefits.

    If there are any high value clerks or customer counter clerks out there that are union, please let me know of your situation and comment on this thread.

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    dont know what state your in but in my building (local 804 in long island NY) customer counter clerks are full time union. also preload clerks doing de-cap and center clerks doing add correction are all full time union positions. high value clerks are non union part time positions but a union preloader follows them around pushing a hand cart with the high value packages on them. non union personal are not allowed to "forward" packages. on a side note, i think our local is one of the only ones that does not have any part time union clerks at all.
  3. Baba gounj

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    In Mass. all jobs are union , it's a closed shop.
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    across the river in jersey all clerks are full time counter,decap,add corrects. high values are handled by nonunion people.
  5. PT Car Washer

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    Our Twi. high value girl is a non UPS employee and some of our customer counter clerks are hired from a temp agency and must be changed out after a while.

    FAVREFAN Member

    I'm in 705 and our high value clerks are Union. Weather P.T. or F.T.........Union.
  7. Regina Filange

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    Indianapolis here, All counter clerks are union as well as the post card clerk. Our high value is not union.

  8. Bagels

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    Our high value clerks do not have the option of joining the union -- and once they accept the job, they may not re-join the union (or work any other position) again. Since 2009, UPS has been aggressive in eliminating these positions throughout my district, having management (PT sup, office) perform the work instead. There's only one position remaining in my facility (down from eleven); we have 20-year employees laid off, unlikely to ever return.

    And here Customer Counter pool from the drivers.
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    I dont think closed shop states prevent this. Washington is a closed shop state and we had non-union revenue recovety clerks for years before unionizing them. I think UPS gets away with it by categorizing them as contracted services.
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    I was going to ask if anyone knew the rationale behind these positions being non-union. They all advance packages, seems like a no-brainer.
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    In the building where I am employed (Connecticut), I do the high values - non union.
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    At my hub, all high value employees are non-Union. Our customer counter employees, however, are union. I'm almost certain that if the positions you currently work in, are designated for Union employees only at some point in the future, you would more than likely lose your job, as they would either go up for a combo bid, or simply be filled by senior employees who want the job.

    Actually, if I'm not mistaken, isn't the Union trying to negotiate to have these "sub-contractor" positions turned into Union positions on the new contract?
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  13. Bagels

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    I don't believe so. UPS has long insisted that these cannot be union positions - I'm uncertain as to why. Union employees could apply for these positions; they came with a significant pay increase - but obviously did not receive contracted raises, have a minimum work guarantee & had to pay for their insurance. UPS has been eliminating these positions when possible, in favor of incumbent management (PT sups, office workers) performing the duties... a friend of mine - 20-year employee who had just accepted the position a few years ago - was a laid off and told she could transfer anywhere within the district, but something like 80-90% of the positions had been whacked and any available openings would've been out of state.
  14. All clerks in my hub are union but not under the same Teamster contract as UPS drivers, pre-loaders etc...etc.. They're part of a different Union. At least that's what I've been told in the past.

    That doesn't include a high value clerk because we don't have one who strictly does HV's. Not enough dailey HV's to have to have one.
  15. InsideUPS

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    Sparko.....High Value Clerks and Customer Counter Clerks in the State of Ohio are Union....

    Have your BA take a look at our current National Language as follows: (A good BA with the help of the NLRB may be able to change your situation)

    The Employer and the Union adopt this Article and enter into this Agreement with a mutual intent of preserving and protecting work and job opportunities for the employees covered by this Agreement. No bargaining unit work will be subcontracted, transferred, leased, assigned or conveyed except as provided in this Agreement.

    Section 1. Operations Covered
    The execution of this Agreement on the part of the Employer shall cover all employees of the Employer in the bargaining unit at any


    existing centers, new centers, new trailer repair shops, new air hubs and gateway operations, new buildings, and any other new opera- tions of the Employer within the jurisdiction of the Local Union sig- natory to this Agreement as determined or may be determined by the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, with regard to wages, hours and other conditions of employment.
    Section 2. Employees Covered
    Employees covered by this Agreement shall be construed to mean, where already recognized, feeder drivers, package drivers, sorters, loaders, unloaders, porters, office clerical, clerks, mechanics, main- tenance personnel (building maintenance), car washers, United Parcel Service employees in the Employer’s air operation, and to the extent allowed by law, employees in the export and import operations per- forming load and unload duties, and other employees of the Employer for whom a signatory Local Union is or may become the bargaining representative. Employees of CSI and UPS Latin America, Inc. are also covered by this Agreement as specified in the P&D Supplement and the Challenge Air Cargo Supplement, respectively.
    In addition, effective August 1, 1987, the Employer recognized as bar- gaining unit members clerks who are assigned to package center oper- ations, hub center operations, and/or air hub operations whose assign- ment involves the handling and progressing of merchandise, after it has been tendered to United Parcel Service to effectuate delivery. These jobs cover: package return clerks, bad address clerks, post card room clerks, damage clerks, rewrap clerks, and hub and air hub return clerks.
  16. 'Lord Brown's bidding'

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    In Philly Customer Counter employees are union; on the wage schedule in the contract they make maybe $1/hr less than package car and feeder drivers. The HVs are handled by the OMS'.
  17. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Why would the OMS clerks be handling High Value packages?
  18. 'Lord Brown's bidding'

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    You know, maybe I am forgetting someone. In the past the HV clerk was a union member; a PT'mer who retired after 20 years. Now, by the time I get to the center the OMS' are already putting stickers on the DIADs of the drivers who have them. I rarely see the clerk bring the packages down (but I do remember her now). On the occasions I do the OMS' are stressed, since they have to process them all in a short period time.