Hire date/seniority date?

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    I looked around but couldn't find much on this. I started working at UPS in November as a seasonal and then hired as a permanent PT in January. Would my hire date be the day I started training (in the classroom) or the first Monday after the training week when I began loading? Also, would my seniority date be the day I was rehired or the day I hit my 30 days? And is it 30 working days or 30 calendar days? What about probation? I know its 90 calendar days but does it start ticking from my rehire date or after I hit seniority? I asked my PT and FT sup and they are completely clueless. HR gave me a bunch of different answers. And my steward is always missing. Sorry for the wall of text.
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    Call the union hall and ask to speak with a business agent. The day you were "re-hired" in January, should be your new seniority date, to my knowledge.
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    The week of classroom training does not count.
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    Counted for me.
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    And if you go FT, it will probably change again, as it differs in some areas. Like Sleeve says, it's best to call your BA.
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    Most likely: the first day of training (classroom) will be your permanent hire/seniority date.

    Probationary period is typically XX working days in YY calendar days. XX and YY vary depending on where you are in the country. Different regions have separate supplements to the master contract. XX & YY usually start the first day of your rehire/training. Once you hit XX number of days worked, you've made seniority as a permanent employee.
    I have seen 30, 40, & 70 working days in 90 & 180 calendar day periods for part time in different supplements.
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    My hire date is on my id. Check yours out.
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    My seniority date is the first day I worked after peak.
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    I too was rehired. I'm always at wot on time. The sup is always pointing out things wrong! I hustle but need a little help during wrap up. I want to make my 30 days too! I wonder how I could not make probation? Help anybody! I'm polite courteous and do my very best