Hired a loader, need help with a few questions.

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    Hey guys. Last week, I took the UPS package handling tour, came back for the interview two days later, and was told I'd be called in early September when UPS does hiring again. Well, they ended up calling me on Friday and asked if I could start Monday, so tomorrow night would be my first night. I'll be working the 11PM-3AM shift. If you guys don't mind, I have a few quick questions to run by you:

    • I was told on the 2nd meeting, during the interview, that I was being hired only as a loader, no unloading. Is this an advantage, disadvantage, or about the same? When we toured the warehouse, we were told that depending on the needs, a loader might only do one truck their whole shift, whereas unloaders might do 2-3 trucks since they move so much faster.
    • What are some good work boots to purchase and what are the best clothes to wear as far as helping to deal with the constant sweat? I'm a heavy sweater (I'm not fat, just family genes), and heard Under Armour shirts were good to buy.
    • Lastly, do you get thrust right into a trailer your first day, or do you go through some sort of training(ie. watching videos, demonstrations, etc.)

    Well that's all I wanted to know. I've worked UPS three times in the past as a seasonal Driver Helper and enjoyed the physicality of it, as last year(Christmas of 2007) my driver asked me to run at every stop, so for 8 hours I was constantly running with packages, so I definitely know what it's like to work physical, I'm just anxious to get into the trailers and experience this first hand. Thanks for your help and advice!
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    IMO you will probably watch a video then have the job demo'd by a training supervisor. This process may take a day or two. Usually after a few days you'll be loading trailers, and they're usually light and fluffy loads.

    Use this time wisely to learn good habits - loading with labels up, making two walls instead of one, use a load stand to reach the tops of the load, and other ponits.

    Loading is IMO the worst of the jobs. But it's different for everyone. If you go in there and set records and try to impress people, you won't be rewarded with anything but more work and eventually more than you can bite/swallow, so take it easy and acquire good work habits first - plus accuracy - and then work on progressing on speed.
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    Perfect advice.
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    you could also work on your 'search' skils.

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    Are you saying that he will have to 'find' the packages first and then load them? In my center they bring the pkgs right to the loaders.
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    good luck. dont call in sick keep track of your 30 days.
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    wear good padded socks, with all ready broken in boots or work shoes --no sneakers -- a loose fitting cotton shirt is best ( Under Armour will cost big bucks, so wait a while ), carry a frozen bottle of liquid ( it melts as you work so you will always have something cool to drink ) & keep a towel handy.
  8. Ups is a great career choice or work while in college. I will list pros/cons and you come with youre own conclusion.

    -Which job is better?

    A. Loaders are expected to load 300 to 500 pph after hitting seniority.
    B. Loaders will have to learn a wide range of zip codes for their PD.
    C. Advancement to Pick-off or Wallsweep varies depending on a multitude of varibles
    (Them being promoted to F/T or bid jobs etc.) $1.00 raise

    A. Unloaders are expected to unload 1000 to 1200 pph by seniority.
    B. No area zip codes to remember.
    C. Prim. Sorter depends on you knowing entire hubs Zip codes $1.00 raise
    (As soon as you pass test and they will train you)

    I highly recomend that you learn youre methods and work safe failure to do so will result in injury or worse. Any type of steel toe shoe/boot will do the job. As far as sweating goes get used to it and wear comfortable cheap throw-away clothing dont wear anything you wouldnt wipe up a spill with.

    Finally you will be trained how to do youre job (videos/ojt) this will be youre easiest time. Youre body will be sore but you will get used to it and go ahead and look for second p/t job as for the first couple yrs a Ups will be hard in the bank account dept. for you. GOOD LUCK.