Hired as part-time air driver. Will UPS give me a real chance to become full-time?

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    Was brought in for seasonal 2018, laid-off, and rehired just now, after my manager called me to interview. Two other seasonal hires brought back, and brought back before me, but they are doing preload, and only occasionally driving. Not that impressed with starting pay, in fact, I'd make more money working the afternoon shift at my current courier position, even when considering that I pay for my own gas, and it is my own car. However, I like UPS, and think it still could be the right move long-term, but I have some major doubts.

    Just wondering if most people in this spot get a real chance to at least attempt to become a full-time package driver, again. They did talk about a qualifying period, but I'm not even sure that would be for full-time, as this seems more to continue as a part-time air driver. The fact that they told me, when laid off, that even though I got faster at the end, I wasn't quite fast enough to stay on, worries me. As does the fact, that they talked about a bid process for full-time routes when someone leaves, that is based on seniority. I certainly don't have that.

    I really appreciate your responses, thanks.
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    Congratulations on your fulltime 22.4 position and Good luck.
  3. rod

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    UPS won't give you anything--you will have to fight for it.
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    They have given me 2 days of 9.5 already this week.
  5. Netsua 3:16

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    22.4 4 lyfe
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    The new contract just passed. They will be on a hiring frenzy of 22.4 which have no 9.5 protections and make less than regular drivers
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    You’ll get your chance when your name comes up on a bid list. You’ll be 22.4 until then.
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    Thanks for the responses. I was wondering what the heck you guys were talking about with this 22.4 thing, but a simple google search provided the answers, so thanks. https://teamster.org/news/2018/06/n...ct-weekends-package-car-drivers-address-issue

    So this is kind of crazy. Did the Union just negotiate what was once and part-time job, into a full-time job, and knock my pay up more than a couple dollars? I start next Monday, and the dues check is already on it's way, if that is the case.

    "The start rate for 22.4 Combination Drivers will be $20.50 and reach a top rate of $34.79 by August 1, 2022

    22.4 combination drivers shall be paid in accordance with Article 41.4

    Note: The top rate on August 1, 2018 will be $31.34 and will increase each year in accordance with the General Wage Increases

    Combination drivers shall be full-time and be guaranteed 8 hours pay/ 40 hours each week

    All 22.4 combination drivers shall be guaranteed eight (8) consecutive hours of straight time per day, if reporting as scheduled. All 22.4 combination drivers shall work a five (5) consecutive day schedule…"
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    My case is just like yours.
    I worked seasonal for 2018 peak, was put in preload after that and then air driving. I will start my 30 day probationary period next week to qualify for 22.4.
    So yes since the day you were hired you were put in a list first come first go. You can ask HR how far down the list you are. In my center I was lucky because some drivers became feeders and some retired. And you have to let HR know that you wanna go full-time because some people wanna stay part-time air drivers for the rest of their careers. We have a couple in my center.
    Best of luck
  10. rod

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    And someone fought so you could do that. I would say you're welcome but 9.5 came along after I retired. Our only option was ask for an 8 hour day and good luck with that.
  11. Heavy Package

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    Boy does this contract suck. I wouldn't let Ken H negotiate for my used car.
  12. Days

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    No they didn’t. 22.4 is not an air driver job. 22.4 is whatever the company wants it to be and they can make you do whatever they want
  13. PT Car Washer

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    Just like an air driver.
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    22.4 they must work you 8 hours a day 5 days a week. If you’re trip is not enough to make those hours they’ll work you inside. I’m gonna be 22.4 soon but my trip is no less than 170 stops so I won’t have to worry about working inside.
    You’ll also make 50 cents less than RPCD
  16. It's a lot more than 50¢ .it's about $6 less.
  17. Mo19072

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    The new contract says 22.4 starts with 20.50 and RPCD start with 21.00. Wasn’t talking about Air which starts with $15
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  19. I was talking about the different in top rate.
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    22.4 top rate is 30.64 plus progression increases. What’s the top rate for RPCD?