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    A little short story of where I’m coming from. I have completed two seasons as a driver helper in 2008 & 2010 and inquired in the 2009 season but they ended not needing me because they already hired people for the season. On both completed seasons I have displayed to the company that I do bled brown and I am down with the culture.

    After every season it was the usual turn in your driver uniform, do the short exit interview, fill out the short one page survey and hearing the famous “We will call you” line. Well since the 2008 season I have never got any call backs from the HR division on anything. There however been 4 job openings that were posted on line for package handler since then. I have applied to all of them with negative results. Since finishing up the 2010 season, again I am getting the silent treatment from the HR division. I have recently inquired about any future positions but they told me nothing more that the famous “We will call you” line. I do believe I won’t be getting any phone callbacks again and I will have to rely online to look for any future job openings with the company. What gives and what more is there to do to get my foot in the door? I feel like the HR division is passing me up, I’m a perfect candidate! I do plan on re-applying again in the 2011 season again for driver helper to show them what’s up and I am dead serious in getting in. I just want to get my foot in the door, do my time as a package handler and be bumped to a driver position. Any advice? And any information on how the hiring process works after completing a season.
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    To be blunt, it sounds as though HR does not share your opinion of the perfect candidate.
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    i spoke to hr about hiring my helper---he was good ,young,,quick learner--walked behind the truck every single time from day one..hr said things start to heat up in march....so now might be the time they gather resumes and such...also ups usually does not do things till its beyond last minute..dont be discouraged--be persistent as hell...find the drivers you helped and get phone numbers and names ,,call early in morning--i knew my hr guy got in at 5-6,,so i called then-i was persistent-i was a seasonal helper-i am a driver....keep trying and keep us updated...you can do it
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    UpstateNYUSer, maybe you’re right, maybe HR thinks I am not a perfect candidate, who knows. It’s just frustrating. I was told by many, working a seasonal position with UPS was the foot in the door, have done it twice and nothing came of it. I’ve been waiting for two years for the suppose phone call, I have sacrificed a lot to complete the two seasons. Completing two seasons and starting out as a USPS mail carrier I think is a great candidate no? I can sling boxes too; again it’s just frustrating.

    Probellringer, yes I am persisiant, I keep in touch with the drivers I worked with and occasionally I contact them to see if they heard of anything of a future openings, negative results all the time. I also keep in touch with HR division every now and then as well but so far it’s been negative results. Probellringer, did you come in as a driver helper and got hired as a driver off the bat? If so, you a very lucky. How long did you have to wait? Also, do you think I would have a chance of that as well, being hired off the bat as a driver? I got a couple box merits under my belt.
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    man this sounds exactly what im going through. Was hired on as a driver helper this last peak. worked my ass off and went above and beyond. didn't miss a day and my driver said he gave his recommendation to the center manager for me to get hired on. He said to apply online at the end of January. I applied to a different hub at the airport. Had an interview and tour last week. never got a call back. now to check the status of my application on line it says on file. they also posted another job on the ups jobs website for the twilight shift and i cant apply. im glad the HR rep sent me an email and i think i have her number. I am going to be persistent. I want this job lol. hopefully i officially become a teamster soon :). i am tired of being unemployed. well devise i wish you luck. its hard out here......
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    coffee and donuts worked for BBAG.
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    Keep on applying online at www.upsjobs.com you might have to wait till after March 2 to reapply if you worked this peak do to senority issues that would arrise if they hired you before than. You just have to keep applying. There is no rime or reason on how they hire people it all depends on how the manager that hiring feels the day you do your walk through. I had to apply twice before I got hired.
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    i put in application for driver,sort and helper--needed to work--took helper job--had jan. off ...feb started a driving class--i was in...very rare ...very hard....but...if the economy turns around and there is a need for many drivers--then you have a shot....otherwise --it can be a long process....there is only a small window once in a while where they hire drivers off the street...problem is when the economy is good people take fast money at other jobs...