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Our center just hired a 22.4 that said he didn't expect to get hired by UPS. When I asked him what he meant, he said he just filled out an application in a neighboring state and was turned down for a 22.4 job there due to his background. He drove an hour into my state, reapplied 2 weeks later, and was just hired. Are hiring/background standards different by state or is the company so hard up for employees in some places that they are willing to overlook things that other places take more serious?

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I would assume it's this one. Evidently UPS has or had a no felons policy. Never stopped my HR from hiring anything that moves.
Being able to breathe was most times the only requirement. Back in the 90's they were hiring the mentally disable. Some even had to have Social Workers with them for weeks showing them how to function on the job. Basically the SW did the job until the new hire could fathom what was going on.