history in my home town

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    I guess I'm all alone caring about what made us what we are today,no one seems to care.
    I also started a photo contest that has gone unnoticed.
    I give up.
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    I read your article DS and found it very interesting !

    Here is the
    History of Edmonton
    I didn't even know it was once all owned by the Hudson Bay Company, and a Big surprise was the population went from 2600 to 70.000 in only 13 years (from 1901 -1914) !
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    Most people don't know how to post a picture on here. People cut & paste all the time, but don't know how to post one of their own snapshots. I have to get my hubby to read the directions you gave me ages ago and he can do it for me.....but I don't have any neat pictures that I took myself to post here.
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    Going thru browncafe to upload a picture is complicated and rediclous. Easiest way is to post pics on facebook first, then copy and paste them from there.