Hmm.. Discharged Last night but still working.....

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  1. Unrelated to my other post from last night, I was posting on my lunch break about filing a grievance over some safety issues. Load has been aweful, I've got hazmats and other things being loaded incorrectly, 12+ Hrs every single day, and the typical stresses that I dont have to teach anyone else here about. I'm really good about coming in, doing what I've got to do and leaving....

    Filed a few grievances these past couple weeks, we've got an obnoxious amount of supervisor working issues, I've got some serious safety issues not being addressed. Well Back in May I got a warning letter for getting a little lippy over the ods messages. (No swearing, sexual, or violent messages) We've got a particular on road who's pretty good at pushing peoples buttons. This is the guy telling me every concern I bring to him (safety or otherwise) isnt his job and he doesn't care. He's not ashamed to tell you to your face that he doesn't care about the problem you're bringing to him, or you as a person.. This is also the super ego type thats constantly on the car, following you around, frivolous warning letters that never stick etc.

    Back to last week, Him and the center manager jumped down my throat for delivering my misloads the day before, apparently BEFORE I was "instructed" to (In 11 years, It was always a given to deliver misloads) and I will deliver them when HE says I'm going to deliver them, told him "okay". So the next day, I've got 6 misloads (seriously) and I start sending (polite) messages around 11 that I've got them and waiting for instructions. At 1 send some more. 3 send some more. 4 send some more. 4:30 I'm told to leave them on the side of the street and a supervisor will come and get them, I initially refused to do that, told him over the board that was a stupid idea and boxes wouldnt be safe. He instructed me to leave them, so at 4:40 I left them. at 5:15 I'm doing pickups, come back around, THEYRE STILL THERE !!#!@$!!#@!@! AND NOW THEY'RE WET!!! I picked them back up and sent off a few messages that they were still there, they're missed, terrible idea, he sent me some messages that I'm not going to tell him what to do, and do my job and this and that, on and on, sent him a few back he should find a new job because he sucks at this one, etc... Nothing the next day. Last night I got in (at 9 again :angry:) I get a warning letter for failing to follow instructions, a warning letter for not working as directed, and a letter of discharge for insubordination for the "mean" messages I sent in, that I had been previously warned about this back in May and I "failed to fix the problem" I'm prepared to hand over my ID and be walked out etc. Steward tells me dont worry about it, they tell me keep my ID and come in, worked all day today, and filed the grievances. Was asked when I would be terminated, they said they didnt know. What should I expect here lol Part of my isnt overly worried about it, steward said if it was serious enough I would've been walked out already and to not worry about it. I went ahead and filed those additional safety grievances I was on here talking about last night anyways. And a supervisor working to top them all off.
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    So were you terminated under an article or were you given a letter requesting a local level hearing or what you said in your messages going to be investigated. So pending an investigation.
  3. Letter looks just like a warning letter, just replace warning with discharge. That is all.
    Ends with "With regret, we've been left with no option but to discharge you from UPS"

    Thats all

    I'm still working, normal start time tomorrow and was even reminded to come in early on the 24th for DOK stuff

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    You care to much why did you even bother sending all those messages. Just scan the misloads and wait for them to contact you and if they dont, text before you head in telling them you still have those misloads and will be sheeting as missed.
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  6. Unfortunately I cared about the customers they were supposed to be going to.... It was a Friday and some of it was 2/3 day etc.

    And you're right, afterwards I realized I should've just sat back and let them fail. As a customer (I run a business outside UPS and I'm a shipper) a shareholder, and someone who has to see these customers daily, it drives me nuts to see service failures that failed over someones ego. It would've taken 20 minutes to get these delivered.
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    the job is much less stressful if you don't care. Until they show they care y should I. I know our job is to care. It really sucks. As bad as their plan is and as much as we want to just watch them fail we can't we care too much.

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    I know it sucks when you care more than managment but that how its going these days. In my center I have the option when I scan the misload. I can hit yes or no if i can del.
  9. We have the same option. Apparently new protocol is send that message and "wait for instructions" Terrible
    Worst part is, wait for instructions and it's ALWAYS an on road in browns coming to get it and deliver it. We've been filing non stop over this, it's not even phasing them
  10. Also instructed to NOT sheet anything as missed until specifically instructed

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    Is this for everybody in your center or just you. If it is just for you it could be used for your defense
  12. Probably just for me, why does it matter ? How would it help defense ?

    We're a large center with some "intimidating" management, I'm one of the few that will file grievances while supervisors blatantly load trucks and deliver routes and send cover drivers home RIGHT IN FRONT OF PEOPLE. Pretty sure they hate me lol
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    Hate to be the one to say it, but despite the failures of your management, you also are acting like an ass. I really don't see how your time with UPS could last too much longer.

    People over complicate this stuff. Scan the misload, set it aside, and forget about it. Not your problem anymore.
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    Then the missed is not in your board and on your delivery record. This is a good thing.

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    It just show that you are being singled out, for your grievances. If they have one set of rules for you and not for everybody else.
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    I would document everything immediately and speak to nobody. keep working as instructed, with a smile of course. No more battling thru the boards. Any messages sent or recieved, make sure you write the time stamp down. If you are called in (definitely have your steward), do not say anything. Everything they ask, tell them you feel uncomfortable answering their question and would like your business agent present. Say nothing, only that you dont feel UNcomfortable answering their questions. Very important, you dont let them fish. Document, Document,Document and say nothing. You'll be fine. If they have already worked you than you haven't committed any cardinal sin. YET that is. If you are a talker, than they will try to somehow pin dishonesty on ya. Just act all nervous and tell them you are very uncomfortable. This is your only response. If they had anything they would have already let you go Bro. gOOD lUCK.
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    Leave them "by the side of the road"? Are you freakin kidding me???


    Go ahead and fire me for failing to "leave my misloads by the side of the road". I can't wait to go to that hearing!

    Don't let yourself get emotional with this egotistical jerk. "Work as directed" is great to a point but when you are obviously directed to do the wrong thing; make sure they document it and refuse. Someone higher in the food chain will go bezerkers on this on car for suggesting that you just leave packages on the side of the road.


    P.S. You don't care "too much". The customer is the only reason you and I have good paying jobs. Keep taking care of them. Everything else will work out. There is a joke around my center: "Your Nobody in this company until you have been fired at least once."
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    I had to go back and reread your OP again.. I can hardly believe an on-car told you in an ODS messageto do something as stupid as to drop packages on the side of the road and he would come pick him up.

    Please let us know what happens.. this on-car has no business working for us.
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    There is a misload function in the DIAD---scan the package and indicate Y or N as to whether you can run it off or not. There was no need for any of the other messages.

    You need to limit your ODS messages to operational needs only.
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    Why not wait until 2:30 or 3:00 even if you really want to be sure all the management is gone for the day, and work with the OMS in this situation. I also think your career with ups is over. If you are filing grievances for revenge, you will soon learn who has the upper hand in this game, and it ain't you. Wanna keep your job? Come in, do your job, keep your mouth shut, go home.