Hoffa Bargains Away Teamster's Future - Anyone know who ISR Is?

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    Does anyone know who the ISR is or what they are about? Are they connected with TDU? I came across this article while "surfing" the Internet... Not the most flattering article on Hoffa.....however...as always...I try to consider the "source". So any info on IRS would be appreciated.

    International Socialist Review
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    [TD][FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica]Concessions at UPS
    Hoffa bargains away the Teamsters’ future
    TEN YEARS after the historic strike by the Teamsters at United Parcel Service (UPS), a strike that electrified workers in the U.S. and put fear into the hearts of America’s CEOs, Teamster leader James P. Hoffa has tentatively negotiated a new national contract with UPS that can only be described as a historic defeat, and, if passed by the membership, may permanently cripple the ability of future union activists to recover the union’s once formidable position at the world’s largest transportation company.
    “While other unions are struggling against employers, this tentative agreement with UPS addresses our members’ concerns and is an example of how the Teamsters are moving forward faster and stronger than ever,” claims Hoffa. These otherworldly, bombastic boasts are a perfect example of Hoffa-speak, where defeats are portrayed as victories, and sellouts as masterful leadership. The only direction the Teamsters are moving in is backward, and at top speed, with the proposed contract.
    Among the major union concessions:

    • The withdrawal of 44,000 UPS/Teamsters from the Central States Pension Fund, the largest pension in the Teamsters union that could bankrupt the fund in the future.• Starting pay for part-timers would remain at $8.50 per hour for the life of the proposed contract (until 2013), which would mean that starting pay would remain where it has roughly stood since 1981.
    • No new full-time jobs would be created out of existing part-time positions (two-thirds of the jobs at UPS are part-time) this was one of the important victories coming out of the 1997 strike.
    • No health coverage for part-timers during their first year of employment, and no health coverage for their family members for their first eighteen months of employment.
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    A cursory search turned up that Joe Allen was or is involved with TDU at some level when he was in Local 705. I've also seen numerous ISR articles linked to or referenced on TDU's web site - but not quite as formal a relationship as, say, LaborNotes.

    While I have (very) mixed feelings about TDU, the above article is a valid criticism of the contract we're under right now. I don't like it at all - but at least I understand a substandard contract (less so the final blow to Central States, but that's another discussion entirely) being signed in exchange for card check and 10,000 new members at UPS freight.

    What I don't understand now is the fact that we're still negotiating with one of the nastiest, seriously proposed, and prolonged concessionary demands I've seen since I've been a Teamster: the UPS health care proposal. There are no recently acquired subsidiaries that need organizing - or at least any worth trading the farm over. I know we have to bargain in good faith with the company, but we should be willing to make Amazon and other major shippers nervous; volume be damned.
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    Thank you PiedmontSteward.... Assuming ISR is related to TDU in some manner....that explains the articles from "their" perspective. As I mentioned, I always consider the source. I believe that "constructive" criticism is beneficial in some cases as long as we remember to stay United. Nothing says it better than your signature line:

    "As brothers, we may fight among ourselves. But we shall present a united front against any attack from the outside and we shall never surrender our birthright to fight against all odds in the service of our Brotherhood." - James R. Hoffa
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    I agree we didn't get a lot in the last contract but look back I think getting out of central states was the right thing and with the economy even if teamsters had put add 5,000 new full time jobs in the contract well it wouldn't of happened.

    Now with a billion in profit each quarter we should gain this contract not lose. This contract could decide if Hoffa and hall get to stay or are shown the door next election. If they come crying to us that ups is broke and we must give concessions. Well.... I don't think they will be around much longer.
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    :) There have been a few people, actually. Good memory.
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    Joe Allen was a reform member of Local 705 in Chicago. He was constantly threatened by the local when Dan Ligurotis was the head. He's one of the guys that help bring down Ligurotis after it was found that he embezzled over $14 million from the Chicago Pension Fund. This was only a couple of years after Ligurotis had murdered his drug-addict son in the basement of Local 705 over his knowledge of the embezzlement.

    Joe Allen was a UPS driver for many years until retiring early. If you further search his name you'll find that he's written several more articles on the Teamsters, UPS and Hoffa. About two years ago he wrote one of the best books ever written on the Vietnam War.