Hoffa-hall Have Pollsters Ask if Healthcare Should be Renegotiated

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by derf3733, Jul 10, 2013.

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    Real simple....give each Local "autonomy".....the ability for each and every Local to negotiate their own health & welfare benefits with local health insurance providers. Why FORCE Central States H & W which is in many cases INFERIOR to our current UPS benefits?

    Beyond that, how in the world can we allow those UPS Teamsters already in the CS H&W plan to have the "non-enhanced" benefit package? ALL UPS Teamsters in the CS H&W plan should have the SAME benefits...... having tiered benefit packages is absolutely outrageous and unfair to those that have been in the plan prior to this contract.

    Your are correct.....hall and Hoffa are out of touch with the rank and file Teamsters.....
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    Hello Hoffa and hall! Newsflash! UPS continues to have record profits year after year off OUR BACKS!!!!! Why in the world would the Teamsters concede anything in this contract? Stop cutting deals with UPS do your job and fight for working class people in this country!
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    Hoffa you work for us. We don't work for you. Got the message?
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    It's a smart thing to do to ensure the "real" important items are addressed.
    ​Listening to the squeaky wheels can lead to seriously wrong decisions.
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    ​Well Hoax, and I'm not trying to be a smart a##. Do you think my health care coverage is a "real" important item?
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    all that alcohol and dead brain cells . dementia has set in. I mean finally showing it's ugly head.
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    That's the point.
    Whether the terms in the contract are important to you personally is irrelevant.

    Knowing what changes to the existing region and local supplements will get voting members to pass these agreements is what is important.

    ​I guess I should have been clearer.
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    Ok stop me if im wrong but... what does it matter if they hired a telemarketing company to do this? Do people really expect hoffa/hall to call everyone themselves? Im just happy that it seems the ibt is taking a little more initiative to get information. Yes we know the main problem is health care but maybe they wanna know more about the issues then just "WE WANT FREE HEALTHCARE!"
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    Sooo we're supposed to believe a Hoffa/hall comissioned poll has TDU as a first choice on a question about credible sources for information??

    Nevermind that, let me show you how I can take all your 401k savings and get you a 24% guaranteed rate of return. Just wire transfer your balance to Bank of Grand Cayman #95367980034
  11. My thing is ... Why doesn't Hoffa/hall ask these questions BEFORE negotiations instead of trying to push something down our throats without consulting the members first and then AFTER they see that doesn't work THEN they ask us what we'd like?

    Ass Backwards to me
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    The very first post is enough of bias for anyone to see. Make UPS deliver is just another name of TDU. Propaganda!! Make sure you give them your info so they can harass you for money to join.
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    I used the link and read the article, and it was honestly funny. The article was so biased it was unbelievable. At least they are attempting to gather the information. Personally, I would rather they use a 3rd party source to do it anyway. At least that way, the reported answers will be accurate and you don't have countless teamsters wrapping days up calling people.
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    that, my friend, is the 64 million dollar question.
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    Fair enough. But I'm convinced that overall the number one issue will still be health care.
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    It's more pathetic that the IBT would hire someone to ask questions since they couldn't do it themselves.

    What a waste of money.
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    If they did, you would be the first one complaining that the fix is in. Notice how TDU uses "The rule of orchestration" by constantly asking for a strike?
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    Some of the senior stewards in our local, myself included have been asked to sit in on the talks in the next few weeks. Last time I had the opportunity to do that was in 97, following the last/best/final offer that was voted down. Looking forward to it.
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    Would you rather them guess and assume? And also would you rather have the union spend time and money using their understaffed people to call the rank n' file and do the survey? The call center was a smart move. It does save the Teamsters money overall. Most people know that healthcare was the biggie in this contract. But they have to be official and ask. I'm sure there's going to be other concerns involved as well. Also some people complain about CS Teamsters not getting into the enhanced plan because everyone should have the same plan, but in most of CS, your cost of living is far lower than mine is in the west. Does that mean I get to complain that we should have more money and better benefits because it's not even overall with people living in the rust belt? Give me a break and look at the overall picture involved.
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    They did. We had a whole month where members could submit contract proposals but the healthcare issue didn't come up until negotiations started. Then we had meetings where we explained what was going on, conference calls, handed out fliers & stickers etc. Members were free to voice their opinions at any of those times & pretty much any other time via phone, email, snail mail, or even that anachronism: Face to Face conversation.