holiday pay for pt sups

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  1. drewed

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    So around our building we didnt get our holiday pay on this check,since we re in an air center most of us worked the holidays and have about 40hrs paid. Last year we got paid thanksgiving the following check and its always been on the next pay check after a holiday.
    Just wondering if this is islolated to our payroll or is it nation wide?
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    I'd like to offer you an answer but being that I'm a driver and don't have any info that relates to you. I'll refrain.
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    That is true. Your check that you get on the 26th is cut before the holiday. There isn't really a way to know exactly who will be working so it has to go on your check after the fact, which is the check that you will get on the 15th.
  4. drewed

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    But the check Im getting tomorrow doesnt have it on it, i wouldnt normally care about it immediately but its like 250 bucks and xmas is coming
  5. smf0605

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    There is no excuse for your holiday pay not to be in this week's check.
  6. drewed

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    lol exactly one of our managers said hed put out an inquiry to payroll and wed find out gonna be :censored2: bc theyre gonna say theyll put it on the next check
  7. I didnt receive it either. Worked 3.5 hours the day after Thanksgiving.
  8. drewed

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    i worked 5.5 one day and like 6.5 on the other i just talked to one of hr people she said theyll probably put it on the next check BASTARDS haha
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    thought y'all were hourlies talking like that....
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  10. drewed

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    sups dont have contracts
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    It's sad. Up until last peak, the DMs would hand out the Christmas checks in person to the PT Supes in the building. I thought this was standard practice everywhere. The DM would walk around during the preload, shake hands, and thank each PT Supe for their work. I was :censored2: off when I had to tell my PT Supes last peak that it was included in their direct depost... no paper check, no handshake from the DM. I guess that's the way UPS goes these days.

    Hell... they're probably trying to carry over the cash until they can close the 2008 books. You might not see the money until 2009.
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    i remember it used to be this way at Grade Ln. (sdf before worldport). it seems like it changed when the p/t sups stopped getting paid a flat monthly rate and getting monthly checks. (i hear) their x-mas bonus checks amounted to an extra months pay. it was indeed hand delivered by hand with a shake by mgmt. at DM level, if not higher.

    although i'm not in mgmt., i always thought that was a nice touch.

    looking back, this must have been some sort of ups holiday tradition (along w/ actual, edible turkeys), because it just seemed so out of place to have a fully suited tie out among the op in middle of the busiest nights pulling sups. away from their haz-mats and can shifts to shake and thank for the first and only time since the previous year.

    it wasn't much but you could some of the newer sups. did appreciate it.
  13. drewed they're probably deferring it until after the new year for the new pay structure. That way (due to our new calculated "overtime") it's less :wink2:
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    How does it feel to get bent over!!!! LOL LOL LOL
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    Here's hoping a good guy like Westside gets a big fat bonus!!!!!!! He never forgot where he came from!!!!!!$$$$$$$ :happy2::happy2:
  16. drewed

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    the word i got today is that the holiday that fell on thursday and friday doesnt make the payroll close out on saturday
  17. Covemastah

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    you will have plenty of time to figure that all out Christmas Day & Christmas Eve when your working all alone in there Superman!!!
  18. question drewed, do you think they can really do that? lol (what I was joking about in a previous post) I mean we worked those hours under the old pay system and a lot of our OT/etc. will post after the new year. It will be paid out at a lower rate (no premium time/OT). I think thats bunk (if they do it, and it sounds like something they'd do).
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