Holy Moly Batman! 845 Million in 2nd quarter profits

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    All the gloom and doom here everyday. More production, 3 day rides coming, we are struggling and the bull goes on and on. Well UPS blew the estimates out of the water. It should not come as a surprise to hourly s as we know we are delivering, loading, unloading, etc more packages in less time than ever before.

    It would just be nice if these jokers would have a PCM and say thanks, we did a great job this quarter and you all were a big part of it. That PCM did not occur in my center today and I am kinda sure it won't happen tomorrow. Our PCM today was that production rides are coming soon.

    I would rather they just said thank you and went on their way.

    See the following 2nd quarter results. post them in an area you are allowed to post in your hub or center. This will let other hourlys know that we are doing a good job and not going out of business anytime soon.

    Keep in mind this is the worst jobs economy since the Great Depression and we are excelling.
  2. moreluck

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    UPS had the great earnings report......FedEx was up over $4. W.T. EF. ??
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    All the rest of it aside; I absolutely agree with you on the "Thanks for your help". It would be a good morale builder; or at least help.
  4. Red Dawn

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    I'm sure a big chunk is from removing combos jobs and filling their jobs with part timers. Taking combo pay away as they are forced to work a split shift.
  5. Coldworld

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    It is almost impossible to have someone say "good job" for anything around here. Had one driver make a joke about not getting any thank you's and the sup said, "you know how it is around here"...please. I feel bad for some of the people they let go because of the economy, even some of the mgt folks. Its really going to sink in when next quarter they make 1 billion and the folks who got the ax are on unemployment still.....
  6. Coldworld

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    Even if ups was the only company out there we would still be "going under" and nothing would still be good enough...we all just need to understand that ups has always been this way if you want to believe it or not. Production has always been king, the only difference is today they sprinkle a little "safety" on top. It will never change. Volume will continue to go up and they will still be cutting out routes..its that simple. Thats why its up to each and every one of you to work safe everyday, no matter what...do it for yourselves, your company, and most importantly your family.
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    The company said its U.S. reorganization is producing better-than-expected results and its international segment is growing at a fast clip. Myron Gray reorganization plan had a big part in this.
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    I will start by saying yes there were staff positions cut, that sacrifice was made. But!!!!!! We will see the continued push against the 9.5 rule, we will see harrassment continue from here on out. There is little protection of hourly at this point.The pendulum has swung away from workers rights and will remain so until the overall economy improves. The folks in charge are telling their peers, "See I told you, if we just work these guys 9.5 to 10 hrs we will make huge profits."Greed is in control. So we go to work.
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    The first lesson taught in business school, (at least every employer I've had said it).

    "We're not making any money."

    This is sometimes modified by, "We haven't made our projections." or something like that. Business management candidates must learn to recite this, particularly when asked, "How's business?"

    Large business or small, they all say the same thing. Then report record profits, in the large businesses. The small business owners buy new luxury cars (that cost more than their average employee's annual salary), or build million dollar vacation homes.
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    I don't blame business owners for stating that business is not good. I also don't blame (take exception to, hold it against them, ect) UPS for preaching 'Gloom and Doom', when they have turned a profit since I can ever remember. Another thing that I've learned is businesses must grow profits each year. So if UPS' profits have shrunk the last 2 years then I truly see that as a cause for concern and the 'Doom and Gloom' picture should be painted to its managers and hourlies.

    I say this because what if UPS just rested on its laurels? What if they said "we can profit 845 million for the next 30 years" and be fine. What would happen then? I can tell you a few things that would happen.

    First, every non-employee share holder would hit the sell buttom on their shares driving the price down to levels you only fear about. Second, there would be layoffs and no raises. Thirdly, no new equipment would be purchased or superior technology developed. This is just scratching the surface and its just my opinion.

    I'm happly UPS cries poor and cracks the whip. Do you want us to end up like DHL? We used to joke around how nice it would be to be a DHL driver with his short hours and empty trucks, now most of them are unemployed.

    Just think of the video rental store "Blockbuster". Less than a decade could anyone have predicted that they would close the majority of their stores? It goes to show how quickly a very large business percieved to be a staple in the entertainment lives of people can quicly turn and sink.

    Quick fictional scenario. UPS rests on its laurel while Fed-Ex sinks a large amount of its growing profits into R & D of alternative or renewble fuel engines. In 2060 Fed-Ex has an engine in all its vehicles that are 4 times as efficent as the engine UPS developed. Perhaps UPS uses a standard alternative engine in 2060, while Fed-Ex has a pattened super-efficient renewable fuel source engine. BYE BYE UPS.

    Obviously this is a fictional story, but I think we all get the point. Grow profits and change with the consumer or your business will sink faster than the Titanic. No?
  11. brownboxman

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    I get tired of the I am proud UPS cracks the whip crowd, I too want a successful company. There is a balance, it is somewhere in the middle of 55-60 hr weeks and 40 hr weeks. I started at UPS 22 yrs ago knowing ful well it was a hard physical job. That has changed, now it is a hard physical job plus. I am not alone in this, I have a close friend who is a regional manager he could not wait to get out of the oppressive regieme that is in place now, and he says many other managers are doing time till retirement. Profits will sustain this company only so long, if the workforce,upper manag through preload is always seeking a way out, the house of cards will come down. This company must find that balance again or it will not last. This company was founded on a good work ethic and sound principles, that has changed.
  12. UnsurePost

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    When lower management and stupidvisors start getting a few pats on the back, "well done"...the hourlies will. That ain't happenin anytime soon.
  13. Tony31yrs

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    They always used to tell us that recession was good for UPS because businesses would order smaller quantities and use UPS instead of the companies with semis. Also, businesses don't want to keep large inventories, so they would order when products were needed.
  14. UnsurePost

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    As an aside, not completely off-topic - is the earnings report coinciding with the new full-time jobs being added in our hub? are the Teamsters actually holding the company accountable to live up to the contract?
  15. tieguy

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    you have to be careful with what you say. A billion dollars sounds like a lot of money but a company this big can piss it away pretty quickly. Look at your package volume and it barely grew one percent. therefore the reorganization and elimination of all those jobs is what earned the money. That should bode well for the earnings reports we have for three more quarters. At that point we don't report good results unless we have good volume growth.

    I'm surrprised the market response was as positive as it was. While we squeezed more blood out of the rock we really did not grow that much volume wise. As a so called bellweather of economic conditions I'm surprised investors were not more concerned.
  16. tieguy

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    I understand what you're saying. However its that crack the whip mentallity that has kept the company around for over 100 years. Once you decide a certain level of profit is good enough you breed complacency. Complacency kills companies.
  17. JustTired

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    I agree that a company must continue to grow and that profits are a good thing.

    But is working the living crap out of the workforce really accomplishing those goals.

    Back before motorized farm equipment....you made sure you took good care of your horse(s). Productivity goes down tremendously without them. Those who drove their horses to death... didn't remain farmers for long.
  18. Omega man

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    UPS management has totally disregarded our contract during these times. A part of their profits are ill gains from contract violations that ultimately come out of our pockets. We should step up the enforcement by filing more grievances and get back what UPS management has dishonorably taken from us.
  19. tieguy

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    I agree this company is evil. will you lead us into quitting this evil company in protest?
  20. PT Stewie

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    Cover your bets file greivances but buy stock LOL