home delivery vs ground


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hey fellas,

First off this is about the package handler position, but I want to be a courier as a long-term career once i turn 21, which is another 1.5years. I know they are basically the same thing but what are the main diffrences, seems like the hours for a package handler are worse in home delivery since they are Tues-Sat 5am-830am while ground is M-friend 230pm-730pm (the available opening in my area), what else is different for a package handler...??

Also knowing I want to be a courier for my career, which would u suggest going for home delivery or ground, since I would be a package handler for atleast 2years before i get to have a chance as a courier, i might be considered first before an "outsider" since i would already have some time with the company which is better to work for as a courier, home delivery or ground?

My friend also made a comment don't know if he's BSing or not but he said fedex and DHL have automatic transmissions??

I used to be package handler for UPS in the Addison, IL facillity for a half year working twilight, i was a loader and loaded mostly NC,SC loaded anywhere from 1,000 - 1,400 on a regular. Peak was closer to 2,000, but hours were better during peak, start was about 2 and ended about 1030-11. sometimes they would ask me to do overnight, only during peak though. i liked it there and enjoyed comming into work, but had to leave due to personal issues and can't return now. thats why im considering only fed-ex, i sent a application to DHL for a dockman cause its full time and UNION in my area, so if i get a call back from them thats where i'll be headed, but if i don't i need to know more info about fed-ex, really want to start my career somewhere.

i appreciate the help from you fellas :)

P.S. im looking to make anywhere from 40,000-50,000 yearly (once I'm a courier of course) and i would be living comfortably, well atleast for ME.


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nevermind guys, i've done some reading and those questions are dumb, sorry about that, you can just delete this post :blushing:


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hey fellas,
I want to be a courier as a long-term career once i turn 21, which is another 1.5years. .


There must be other interests for you other than being a lifetime courier.

I'd think long and hard before you make this life-changing decision.

For one, try doing some general searches on the net to get some feedback from other current or past employees of UPS or Fedex.

You're only 19. I'd hate to see you ruin your life or waste many years with unappreciated, back-breaking work.


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Hope you got a withdrawal card from Local 705 when you left Addison, because DHL is also Local 705.:ohmy:


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is it really that back breaking?? like i said i actually enjoyed working as a package handler(peak was rough with the cold and all, but i still had some fun,lol) , i even volunteered to sweep after shift. i also liked to come in early, i remember i skipped a class to come in early during peak (it was study hall anyway)

hondo i didnt get a withdrawl card when i left, does that mean i can't work for DHL either?? is that why they might have not called me back :(

i was young when i started, i was 17, and left without saying anything (young and dumb, but i had some personal stuff that kept me from working), did i **** myself?? damn this sucks.


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Stay in school and find a real career, your body will thank you 20 years from now. The job my seem "fun" now but gets old fast, not a great career choice.