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I was sent home today because I forgot to enter my lunch hour into the diad yesterday. Obviously, its not the first time but it still seems a bit rediculous to me. When speaking with my ctr mngr. this morning I remarked that there are many thing that must be entred into the diad before it allows you to punch out ( start/ finish time, complete pickups, no prerecoded stops etc.) and asked WHY CANT LUNCH AND BREAK TIMES BE REQUIRED IN THE DIAD BEFORE PUNCHING OUT?!? especially if it is so serious that they will reprimand and SUSPEND drivers if it is not put in. He responded that he didnt have time to deal with it. So, who can I contact that will MAKE time for it before the mental block i have when it comes to this procedure gets me fired?

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Did they follow the chain of dicipline? Verbal warning,written warning,etc? If not then grieve. Which offense for you was this? First? Tenth? Did you have a steward present? Follow the proper chain of grievance with the union,especially for recovery of a days pay.


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Is it really that hard to remember? But I do take your point, it seems they could very easily put a prompt in the board when you punch out. Actually I would be surprised if we don't see that pretty soon, it's such an obvious fix.


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Why rely on others to do your job for you? It is a very simple task--enter your lunch and break times in to your DIAD. I personally would not want to see a prompt in the DIAD as I feel that we are already micromanaged enough. That being said, I would have to say that a suspension is a bit harsh, unless there had been an announcement by the center manager that this would be the recourse of not entering the information and, if so, he followed through on what he said he would do. Lesson learned--move on.


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Whenever you take a lunch, hit the time key in the lunch screen, when you are done then hit it again. At my center you don't have to take a full hour, but you need to take some time. Just make it a daily habit and earn that big money. At least you got a day off! Hope you enjoyed it!


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I don't understand why some people have such a difficult time putting their break times in. You have a whole hour to do it. We have a new Center Manager, and this topic is currently the flavor of the week. We have to show a management member our Break Time in the DIAD before we clock out. It is so juvenile.

I also don't understand why drivers can't fill out the DVIR and put fuel in a Package Car, but thats another story.
The chain of discipline was followed, 1 verbal, 1 written, 1 day suspension.

For not putting my lunch in the diad.

As far as being micromanaged, if you are a person that ritually remembers to enter this info, then it will never affect you and you will never see this reminder. I happen to be the sort of person that is very visual, i work off of EDD and have trouble remembering things that are not there on my list. (like OCAs) I have tried very hard to develop a habit of putting in the times, and even tried training myself to enter my lunch as soon as I punch in, obviously with no success. Now that I am as far into the disciplinary chain as I amI have no room for a slip up. I went for a month and a half since the last time but forgot yesterday. I am dealing with a new Ctr Mngr. who seems like he's trying to make a serious impression.


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They were looking for input into DIAD changes at Upsers not too long ago. That's really the course of action.

I get the impression that your center manager thought you were just giving him attitude, even if that wasn't the case. If you think that the crack down is hard on you, imagine what it's like on him when the on-the-road hours are higher than DOT allows.

Remember, he can't file a grievance and get his job back.

Yeah, I think a one-day suspension was stupid, but I think he was trying to make a point. You may have been the unfortunate example for the center.


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I would guess that its hard to remember because you dont take your lunch or break?

When I got to where I was taking my lunch, right after I cut the truck off, I would punch the actual time. Then when I got back into the truck, I would punch off lunch. That simple. That honest. Before you move your vehicle, you are off lunch. Breaks the same way. That way, if any one is watching you for what ever reason, there is no fudging of the numbers, you actually punched when you got to lunch, and punched again as you got ready to leave.

Take your lunch. Take your break.



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I suggest buying some post it notes and plant a reminder somewhere on the dash of your truck. This should help. You really need to take Dannyboy's advice though. Get in the habit of hitting your lunch time as soon as you turn the truck off. As long as you get in the habit of taking your lunch every day you will get the hang of it.

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Hey Home, they are going to claim that your being dishonest (stealing time) for not recording your break/lunch. Remember, they only dock your paid day for the time that you put in! Better start putting it in, or they will discharge you.


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I have never understood what breaks we are entitled to other than the hour lunch break. Can someone explain how that works?

You have to go into the OTHER WORK and find PAID BREAK....Hard to find if you don't know where it is hidden in the DIAD..

Kinda shady to have it in a place that is not in the LUNCH/break menu.

If you enter your paid break in the lunch/break menu you will not get paid your ten minute paid break and I have an inkling this is what they hope!


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I got suspended once for 2 days. It was suppose to be Wed and Thurs. They called me Tues night at home and asked if it would be ok with me if they changed it to Thurs and Fri because they were short handed. Let me see now - a 4 day weekend vs. a broke up week. That's a brainer:happy2: