Hope driver is okay.

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    Police said the driver of this UPS truck passed out before the truck ran into this restaurant sign and retaining wall near 78th and L Streets on Monday.

    Rebecca S. Gratz/The World-Herald

    Published Tuesday July 12, 2011
    Truck hits eatery sign
    By Ellen Jean Hirst

    Omaha resident Ruth Leininger was standing outside Johnny Sortino's Monday evening when she looked to the south, toward L Street, and screamed.
    A UPS truck was veering off the road in the distance, seemingly out of control, and heading toward the restaurant, she said.
    Ruth and Tim Leininger and Sara Askins, of Opp, Ala., saw the truck travel west off of L, cross the frontage road to its north and make it past cars parked at the Diamond Vogel Decorating Center and Johnny Sortino's — without hitting them.
    The truck traveled about 540 feet before crashing into a parking lot wall at the restaurant's west side, a UPS official said.
    Tim Leininger said the driver looked “slung over” when his truck headed for the restaurant.
    Police responded shortly before 6 p.m. They said the driver had blacked out at the wheel, likely due to medical reasons. Authorities did not consider the driver's injuries life-threatening, and no one else was injured.
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    It looks like the cab is in good shape so hopefully the driver is not seriously injured. I wonder if heat played a role?
  3. raceanoncr

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    Just now heard he was an older air driver. Still don't know condition but looks like it was med condition. Don't think heat was issue, at the time, anyway. Heard he just got started.

    Cab ain't too bad according to sources. Bumper bent a little is about it.
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    Wow that could have ended a lot worse.
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    I saw the driver leaving when I pulled into the yard Monday night. I heard that he sustained only a broken arm. Use to drive Saturday Air with him about 8 years ago pretty good guy but he is much older and doesn't appear to be in the best shape.
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    Just heard update yesterday.

    Heard driver had been complaining about noxious fumes in cab. NOW, whether he had written it up or not, remains to be seen. Hope he did.

    A reminder, people. You got, what you think, a serious problem, safety or not, PLEASE write it up and document your efforts completely.
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    It is fortunate for him that he was in a modern P-7 with a 3-point seatbelt. I hate to think what his head and face would look like they had gone through the windshield of an older car with only a lap belt.
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    He will be written up. Blacking out while driving is not part of the methods.
  9. menotyou

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    Especially, when caused by noxious fumes from a UPS owned and maintained vehicle.
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    Noxious fumes in my PC on a daily basis.
    Guess I should change my diet.
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    To clarify: Noxious fumes VEHICLE RELATED.