Horrifying Plunge From Oakland Freeway

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    Horrifying Plunge From Oakland Freeway - Fox Reno

    A United Parcel Service big rig hurled 30 feet off an Oakland freeway overpass early Thursday, slamming onto the roadway below, injuring the driver and leaving stunned witnesses nearly speechless.

    The 51-year-old driver of the 2003 Toyota was speeding south on Highway 880 just north of Oak Street when he made an unsafe lane change, the CHP reported. The Toyota swerved into the No. 3 lane and struck a UPS truck driven by a 47-year-old man.

    The big rig driver then lost control of his vehicle, crashing into the concrete guardrail, ripping away large chunks of cement. The big rig hurled over the overpass, flying some 50 feet in the air before landing on the roadway 30 feet below.
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    Hi all new to the bc.Glad that dude is ok saw the video, truck was totaled.Betcha UPS will still charge that guy with an accident even though it was'nt his fault...:knockedout:
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    Probably not seeing the other guy was arrested and charged with DUI.

    What wouldn't surprise me is if the drunk tried to sue UPS.
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    They will still try to find a way to charge him wif an Avoidable accident....lol
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    They had pics of this up at the building the next day. The story is he had an empty on his back which was good for him as if he had a load I`m sure it would have ripped the fifth wheel off and gone through the cab. If his mgmt team is like the one we have they will hold him partly responsible for not doing whatever safety rule they pull out of a hat.
    We had a driver with a set of doubles going down the highway and was hit from behind by a drunk that came up from behind in the same lane at a high rate of speed and never lifted. Our guy never saw him but was charged with the accident because he didn`t honk his horn to get the drunks attention.