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    The "hour break" is in full force starting this past Monday. Due to no one taking the hour break the only measure was OLCC's. They were handing them out like candy today when drivers got in. Pretty funny to see. It has been so slow on my route that I haven't had to take an hour the last couple days. Fellow driver and myself went to talk to the SM about it. He says "this is what happy hands wants so this is was happy hands gets." He also went into how our numbers are plummeting due to the hour break. see how long this lasts. At least people are doing their part and slowing down and making it hurt. Good to see WAD in full effect.

    Profit Service Profit, now you know who I am.
  2. I was wondering if I knew who you were. Lol Was a freaking joke listening to them justify it. I asked if I would get olccs for so lates if I take the hour. I was told "well yeah, probably". Btw, the manager on my belt confirmed the later so commit time. Idk if they told you guys yet...

    Another courier was told by SM "I will NOT take a letter because you refuse to comply. So you better get with it."
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    The drivers reply should be, "I will not take a letter because your mandates run counter to themselves."
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    This company is fatally dysfunctional. For the first time, I agree that Express will eventually cease to exist due to gross managerial incompetence. FedEx is beyond help at this point. Perhaps we should call-in an exorcist.
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    Thornton has got Express in "suicide mode" we'll see if the company even lasts long enough to save that precious $1.7 billion promised to stockholders. I have my doubts.
  6. DRAisawesome...has there been any talk of a union on your belt? Finally got across the idea of signing cards to some people my side. The more the better...
  7. Also, I got out of 2 olccs this week because they changed their enforcement of the "directive" while I was on vacation and failed to inform me. Took a bit of arguing but I won in the long run. And they waived my hour today because of a forced reattenpt.
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    You should have "anticipated the changes" while you were on vacation. Your fault. This place is truly amazing.