Hourly Seasonal Facility Package Handler PA region Overtime Hours

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  1. HvyDty77

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    Hello everyone. I have for the last 2 years worked UPS as a seasonal driver helper.
    I got my foot in the door this season as advised working in the sorting facility
    as a package handler. I aim to become full time no matter how long it takes....I want to drive. I have a question about OT in my area which in Pennsylvania....I work a 6 day
    5 hour work week. The Option because of peak season and the upcoming, "Hell Week."
    Does OT start after 5hrs worked for Hourly Seasonal Workers? Is there a limit to OT?
    Does Peek change the start of the OT pay eg. 8 hours must be worked first before OT is included? I even thought because I am a late shift worker I could do both Driver Helper plus Load Pre-Load Sort Ireg Conventional Package handler. The website will only allow for one application per approval of job hired for.....Trying to make some overtime smartly plan ahead so you do not have to plan for the worst while hoping for the best..
    any help in this would be appreciated greatly!
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    The system will not let you apply as you already work here.

    OT depends upon whether you are working a single or double shift. Single---5th hour. Double----8th hour.

    You can sign up for extra hours in the hub or as a helper.
  3. Justaloader

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    If you are "part time" - yes, it's overtime after 5 hours per day. No, peak doesn't change that. I can't speak to how things work being full time, as I'm not a full timer. I'm sure others will chime in.

    You're in PA? Where abouts? I'm in the West Chester hub.

    When you are in the building - talk to your Sup, and to HR - ask them about double shifting in two different jobs. They "should" be able to tell you if you can do it, whom to talk to (which manager for driver helpers, etc). I've pulled a few doubles over the last 2 weeks - half of the shift loading trailers, and half of the shift in small sort, pickoff, SDS, or wherever else they can use me. Worked 8 hours yesterday - loaded for all 8 hours. I work two jobs - worked my "normal" job from 8 to 1, started at UPS at 2, worked till 10 (no lunch / dinner break). Double dipping to pick up as much $$$ as I can. By the end of the month my body will hate me, but hopefully my bank account will look good.
  4. UpstateNYUPSer

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    If you volunteer to double shift OT does not start until your 8th hour.
  5. Justaloader

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    Not in my hub. Maybe it was that way before you retired - but it isn't that way now (atleast in my area anyway). It's that very reason that most of the folks that work in my "PD" are pulling doubles and watching the money roll in.
  6. HvyDty77

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    I am in one of the very few Automated Facilities State of the Art Carlisle Facility. I will drum up some dialogue to verify
    the responses found here. If anything as always Thank you!.
  7. PT Car Washer

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    Depends on your supplement I guess. Double shifters get OT after 5 regardless. Unless you are working under art 40 as I do and then it is OT after 8. I tried double shifting in the Hub a couple years ago to make the extra OT but it is a whole lot easier driving.