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    Does it mean that I cannot pickup my package until 4pm to 6pm? Or can I get it anytime during the day pretty much since UPS says that packages are normally available after 8:30 am.

    The hours of operation say 4:00pm to 6:00pm for the customer center. Does that mean that I have to pickup my package within that 2 hour time frame or can I any time?
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    It depends on the center. You need to call the 800# or go online to the official UPS website (this is not) and ask.
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    try learning how to type a coherent sentence first
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    You be in Oakland bro??
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    This would be great advice for the OMS people in my center and their DIAD message drivel!
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    Then move on to capitalization and punctuation next?
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    relics of the past

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    Good to see the future of the company is in your forward, generation Y hands.
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    I would be there at 8:30 and if they tell you to come back between 4 - 6 then you'll have your answer. In my center, we have customers showing up as early as 7am and wait for their packages. I am, however, in a very small center with no security between us and the customers. We are all just one big happy family. :happy-very: