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    Hi I am a part time air hub employee in Oregon. I was wondering how many hours a month do I have to work to maintain my medical benefits? I've looked at our western supplement and master agreement and can't find it? Ok thanks!
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    call your local and ask the BA about it, not sure about PT but FT is 13 days in a month.
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    For PT in company-controlled plans (for now), one four-hour shift per month is sufficient to maintain benefits. There's also a minimum annual threshold to qualify for the following year, but I've never seen it enforced (perhaps because it's not in the contract?)
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    In Upstate NY we have to work 36 days in a quarter to get our benefits for the subsequent quarter.
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    Does anyone know where'd find this in writing? Its looks like it is different across each region. Years ago I was told it was 40 hours you had to work for the next month to be covered.
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    This information should be in your contract supplement but your best bet may be to call or go to your union local to find out for yourself. I know that if it were me I go down there today to find out for sure.
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    Part-time Medical Coverage is in the National Master, Art 34 sec 2. It will also be in your sort rider. You only have to have monies earned in any 30 day period to not have a break in coverage. It specifically says when you are eligible for coverage, but not the break in continuity. Look to your summary plan description for that. You can preserve your health insurance by going on FMLA intermittent leave if your situation applies.
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    Insert 205C
    UPS National Health Plan for
    Part-Time Employees
    Maintaining Coverage

    Once you gain initial eligibility, coverage for each week is based on hours worked during that week. If no hours are worked during the week, then you are not eligible for coverage that week.

    If you lose coverage due to insufficient hours worked, you may elect to continue coverage through COBRA. If you do not submit COBRA payments by the due date, you will not be eligible for benefits that month. Please see your Summary Plan Description booklet for details about COBRA continuation.

    This rule applies while you are an active employee. If you terminate employment, retire or go on a leave ofabsence, there are other Plan rules that impact when coverage ends. See the Life Events section of yourSummary Plan Description for more information.
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    I only highlight this part of your post....

    Because, of so much mis-information in regards to part-timers and FMLA.

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    I can see where this bore repeating.
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    Sad.... But true.

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    Bubblehead.... has the best avatar going.

    That, is some funny stuff.

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    He's in the Western Conference where our Maintenance of Standards would pre-empt that provision. We always had coverage on a 30 day basis.
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    Yeah they have to have enough hours worked to be eligible, 625, which they should easily hit in 12 months if they work their guarantee every night.
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    For PTers in company-controlled plans, I've never seen this enforced. For several years we had several employees voluntarily accept ALO; when the economy tanked, for more than a year they worked just a single shift per month to maintain their benefits -- we had a couple that I doubt worked more than 50 hours in a year. When the attrition rate picked up, they developed attendance issues (both had regular FT jobs outside of UPS) and it was only at that point did UPS threaten to take away their benefit package, including paid time off, but their attendance woes continued and UPS never followed through with its threat.

    One went into FT driving last year. He asked me to help him file a grievance because despite 12-years PT seniority, he had only 2 years credit toward his FT pension. Duhh....
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    All depends on your location and who runs your health care. For a FTimer in my area under a teamster run healthcare you need one month at either 160 or 150 hrs then you are good for the next 6 months...
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    60 hours a month for p/t and 80 for f/t. That's the language for nor cal.
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    Thank you everyone that replied. I found my answer in the Summary Plan Description pdf that is linked in the healthcare section of upsers. It is under the Insert 201.

    It states:

    Maintaining Coverage
    "Once you gain initial eligibility, you must work a minimum of 40 hours each month to continue your eligibility for coverage under the Plan. Hours worked in one month qualify you for coverage two months later. For example, 40 hours worked in January qualifies you for coverage during the month of March."

    So 40 hours a month and I'm fine. Thanks again everyone!