Hours of service calculated into pay progression?

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    I originally started with UPS as a part-time loader in October 2008. Over the next three years I moved up through seasonal air driver, permanent air driver, and three seasons as a seasonal full-time driver. In May 2012 I moved out of state and although I did not get a transfer I quit and was rehired within just a few weeks. Although I started once again from the bottom as a loader, I moved up to a part-time supervisor and spent nearly a year and a half in that position. In November 2013 I resigned to stay at home with my two small children. Now due to divorce my children and I have moved back and I was rehired as an external seasonal full time driver in May and as of last week I have been made permanent.
    Now I know because of quitting and being rehired I've lost all seniority and I understand that, but my question is do they still look at all the hours of service I have been driving both part-time and full-time to count towards my pay progression (I have probably close to 15 months of service)? Or do I stay at $16.10 for 12 months? I've asked so many people and some people say yes, some people say no. I know I was always told that's what would happen should I go permanent, but that was prior to me resigning. If it makes any difference, I'm currently around 35 of my 40 day probationary.
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    $16.10? You should be at $18.75, on a 4 yr progression. No prior time counts, unless your supplement allows . Call your BA.
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    What he said.

    This forum is a terrible place to sort out contractual issues, as we come from all corners of the company and union and are governed by varying regional and local supplements.
    Your BA gets paid good money to know the applicable language in your area.
    Hold them accountable for that by having them show you the specific article when they explain the answer to your issue.