How can I fight back from this?

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  1. sneaky pete

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    Some history; I am a 29 year express employee. I had a 5/8 delivery route for 3 years. It was changed to a 4/10 which actually was more 4/12. A 5/8 route opened and I took it being exhausted from 12 hour days even with an extra day off. 3 months later my old 4/10 route was changed back to a 5/8.

    On the new route I am struggling to hit my SPH. I have been on it 5 months and haven't broke 90% --except occasionally and of course I have on CRs. With DRA the route is never the same. I now have ankle and knee problems as I am running 20 more deliveries per day than my previous route.

    I am stressing every day. I feel like I have been set up from 6 or 7 months ago to shuffle me right out the door. I have one perf reminder on file for lates, I see getting one more OLCC and there will be another PR. I can't apply for any route should it open so I am stuck on this one.

    Can anyone suggest what my best recourse is if anything more happens? I don't trust HR or management and don't know who I can talk to about this.

    (Old fart)
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Why can't you go back to your old route?
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    If you have a warning letter on your file, you can't apply for a position or route change for 6 months.

    Try talking with your manager and ask him for a check ride? If the route's goals are unattainable and you can prove that, technically your manager should change the route goals.
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    Just CYA. Really no chance of getting old route back after 90 days but you could give it a try via GFT. With the new route and SPH/goals you should keep demanding check rides. Keep a journal, when you asked, the responses you get to your requests. I would refuse to sign (OLCC-PF) anything if they will not provide check rides. I assume you been on the new route aprrox. 3 months ? You should be able to bid off in 9 more, hang in there.
  5. vantexan

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    Someone else is doing it by now and you can't just push them off of it. Hey Pete, how far are you from taking your pension? If you've followed this forum you probably know that FedEx Express is most likely heading towards a mostly part time workforce. Maybe now is the time to start wrapping up your career and moving on. Until then for your own sake you shouldn't let anything they do bother you because they're going to do what they do no matter what. My last mgr told me he expected most couriers to be part time in 3 years so I decided it was time to move on as the numbers they had set for my route were unobtainable without working off the clock. I had quit after 11 years in '97, got rehired in '98, and was angry that after 14 years back was nowhere near top out. So I left, and after two months away it's like a whole other world. Actually looking forward to Christmas this year! There's really no viable alternatives for guys our age. Just run with it as long as you can and don't let it get to you. At least you are topped out and most likely earned a decent pension which I won't have. Good luck!
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    I can't get the old route back. My manager knows I want it now, but it was bid on and some one else has it now. Manager has given check rides and those days went smooth as silk. Ran no more than 95%. I've been ending the month with 89%.
    I will start keeping a journal. I'm seriously thinking of bidding off as long as I don't get something worse which is what happened last time. I would've stayed on 4/10 if I knew it was going back to a 5/8.
  7. sneaky pete

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    I'm a year away from 55. I hope I can make it. (Tongue in cheek)
  8. sneaky pete

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    And when I did the calculating if I run a half hour behind for the day, that ends up 89%. Wtf? Half hour behind is 5 mins an hour.
  9. MrFedEx

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    You fit the classic profile of an older employee that FedEx would love to eliminate, especially now that you have work-related health problems. You mentioned that you are on DRA. Stay on DRA, because then it is no longer your fault, but only if you follow DRA exactly. Hopefully, you did a GFT on the performance reminder, because, once again, you could legitimately claim you were WAD and doing DRA. Not your problem if it's an inefficient routing system, is it?

    If you are a senior (40+) employee at FedEx, there is a target on your back. Fred thinks you're paid too much, and that you will have health issues that he might have to help fix. Almost everyone I know who has been doing this job for 20 years or more has repetitive-stress type injuries, and despite the claims of how much FedEx "loves" you and your legacy of are a liability.

    I see this eventually going class-action, because they do this system-wide, and it's illegal. That's never stopped FedEx, but I see the day when this goes legal. Good luck.
  10. Cactus

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    Those route goals sound to me like they were set artifically high to begin with, so I smell a rat here. I would consult an attourney specializing in employment matters. Most will give you a free 20 minute consultation. Good luck.
  11. TheJackal

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    Yes you can......after being on your current route for 6 months. A letter/perf reminder/OLCC/etc does not prevent you from changing routes. Do you know what it is about the route that makes making goal not possible?
    Hindsight is 20/20. You couldn't know it would happen.
  12. Doc Sorting Dude

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    In our station, if the manager turns a deaf ear the guy who actually does the DRA coordination for our area actually has an office and I can't you how many people gather in his office to see if he can re-evaluate the route configuration. Never been in there myself I wonder if he can actually adjust the SPH without management scrutiny?
  13. Goldilocks

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    Hi Pete, just make your RTB time and there is not a darn thing they can do to you. When Dispatch begs you to do a pickup, send a message on the powerpad that you will not make your RTB time and that you need management approval. Have that manager sign your timecard and make a copy of it. Keep a file. Good Luck to you and keep us updated. This is getting way out of control. Does anyone have that hotline number for complaints?
  14. MrFedEx

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    I think you should also have a consultation with an attorney. Most will do 30 minutes for free, and can tell you what your rights are and if you'll eventually have an actionable age-discrimination case. You said you're 54 if I'm correct, and from what you write, it seems like you're being set-up. FedEx isn't exactly subtle about it's campaign to eliminate so-called Legacy Couriers. You're topped-out, you're older, and right in the crosshairs, especially since you're having health issues that would seem to be job-related.

    Someday soon, a smart class-action law firm is going to connect the dots and be able to prove age discrimination at Express. For now, you need to educate yourself and protect your interests. Never trust HR or management.
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    Isn't it 867-5309? Ask for jenny.
  17. MrFedEx

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    Do not use the "Complaint Line". This is nothing but a check/protection mechanism for FedEx Legal to avoid lawsuits. I think FedEx is ripe for a class action for targeting older employees. Don't help the company out when they deserve to be held accountable for this type of conduct.
  18. hypo hanna

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    Document everything. Keep important papers at home. Challenge every OLCC no matter how trivial. Have them rewrite them to show your version of events before signing. If they won't edit it to your satisfaction, refuse to sign and write that in your journal.

    Dont just ask for a check ride but insist that your manager run the route with you observing. Keep copious notes. Write down every shortcut, every unsafe act and anything else they did that would have gotten you written up. At the end of the day ask dispatch to send you a copy of the route so you can see the order the mgr did the stops. Really you are looking for service failures. During the ride, Do not give the mgr any tips on where to park, what door to enter, who to speak with etc., this is your manager showing you how to do the route not the other way around.