How can I get my w2 from ADP online?

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    Last year I worked for UPS. I just found out that my w2 was shipped to the wrong address. So I am trying to access it through the website but can't get the info I need after talking to many different people. The ADP site says I need (The registration code is provided by your organization or ADP. Your organization may refer to this code as either a "company pass code" or "personal ID code (PIC).") How do I get this Or what is it? I worked at the portland or UPS on swan island. Thank you.
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    The company code is WWQ
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    1. In the Registration Code field enter UPS-W2 and click Next.
    2. Enter personal information. Ensure W-2 Services is selected from Servicedrop down menu. Click Next.
    3. Enter the following information:
      • SSN, EIN or ITIN number (do not include dashes)
      • Confirm SSN, EIN or ITIN
      • EnterYour UPS Employee ID
      • Enter your Company Code: WWQ
      • Enter your home ZIP Postal code
      • Select Tax Year from drop down menu: e.g. 2012
      • Click on Next.
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