How Can I Guarantee that I Will get a Job as a UPS Part Time Package Handler?

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  1. This summer I am going to need a job, i just started college this semester and will be turning 20 in this July. I have not had a job before and have absolutely no experience. I really, REALLY want this job. I am going to apply after I finish up this semester of college this May. I will desperately need a job and will do anything to get it. I know they don't require experience but are they going to look down on me for not having any? Every place I I have applied to that doesn't require experience seems to moan when I tell them I don't have any. And what is the interview like? Do they have a set standard questions that all UPS places ask or does the interviewer just make up questions as he goes? Do they ask relevant questions related to the job or do they ask ridiculous philosophical stuff like "Do you think a rich person would steal from a poor person?" that is absolutely not even remotely related to the job?

    I have had many a couple job interviews in the past at retail stores and restaurants and am trying so hard to not be discouraged. It irks me when I see 16 year old high school kid and people full of piercings and tattoos and people who look like they haven't showered in a decade get the job while they never offer me one. I don't care about the hours, I am willing to work anything. I will desperately need a job and don't care if I have to work 1 am than 6 pm the next day then noon the next. I don't care, work me like a slave, I am so anxiuous to get hired and no one wants to give me a chance. Schedule me whenever you want and I will show up 30 minutes early every day!

    Is it easy to get a interview/ tour of the facility scheduled? I've heard some people say you automatically sign up after you complete the online application is that true? Getting interviews for me is always hard and I end up calling nonstop and what not and it never seems to eve rdo any good. And how should I dress? Anything specific? "Dress casual" isn't specific since casual to me is nothing more than a pair of basketball shorts and no shirt since my 3rd floor apartment is always a billion degrees. Jeans? Khakis? Dress shoes? Ties?

    I know kids back when I was in high school work as package handlers at different companies other than UPS. Everyone tells me it's hard and grueling and I love being on my feet and keeping active and doing stuff like moving boxes, they still warn me it is harder and more grueling than anything. And while I have been told this many times I still want the job and I am young (only 19) and naive and I need to find out myself just how grueling it is. I am ready to be worked like a slave! And I am anxious and ready and willing to start working.

    Should I have any problem getting a package handling job this summer? And also, do they ask for references? I haven't had a job before so trying to find references is always extremely hard. If they ask for them, what should I put down? High school teachers are out of the question, and my college classes are so big I never actually interact with the instructors or anything.
  2. Also I've heard that they have to pay the union and you won't get paid the first couple of weeks or something. Thats fine with me, and I'm aware of that and it's definitely not a deal braker.
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    you dont want to work at UPS as your first choice. Take a look at the threads and read them. look at all crap a upsers has to go through.

    A union uspers is constantly in a battle with management. There better jobs out there than ups.
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    Theres a lot of summer jobs in Alaska. I spent 4 years as a helper in the winter, and summers in AK. Now I've finally got that part-timer position. I found that getting to know a driver is the best way in.
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    wow...tldr but it takes persistence. you might have to apply online multiple times before they call you in for an interview. make sure you tell them something about how you will be able to handle the workload of lifting heavy boxes for 5 hours.
  6. Knowing a driver is the best way to be hired?
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    At least here. Small rural area, they only hire a couple times a year.
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    Apply online at the UPS careers website. If there are no openings online go down to the facility you'd prefer and try in the very least to get an email address or phone number for human resources. Email them every week until you get a response. Call a lot, leave messages etc. Don't worry about over doing it, just be persistent & show HR how badly you want to work at UPS. That's my best advice. It's the hardest job you'll ever have, I guarantee you that!!! Good luck
  9. Thanks!
    What should you do after you apply online? Just wait to be called? I've heard you automatically schedule a tour/interview right after you apply, is that true?
    And also, does sending or emailing a thank you letter after the interview help at all?
    And are other shifts easier to get hired in than another? Should I ask whats available and tell them I am willing to work any?

    And is the tour and the interview(s) all done in the same day?
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    Yes, if there is an opening you will have an option for tour date when you apply. Typically the interview process is within a few days of the tour. Definitely follow up with a courtesy call or email. If you don't hear back from them just keep pestering them with calls and emails. Typically when you apply it'll say which shifts are available. Don't worry about references. If you have them than great. Dress comfortably, but look presentable at both the tour and interview. You'll get in eventually.
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    When you show up for the tour. Make sure your wearing approved work shoes.
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    You don't need approved work boots for the tour. They give the tour to anyone who comes for the first information session.

    For 19 you seem high strung. Chill out and make it clear that you can handle the workload. It is impossible to really say if you can or not before doing it day after day. Don't say that. I would advise not to start sending Thank You letters or maybe that's because I am tainted from being inside so long. If you aren't called back consider calling every so often to see what their hiring status is at that moment.
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    The only things guaranteed in life are death and taxes. No guarantees at UPS.

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    You're 20 years old. You've never had a job (?). And you want to be guaranteed a job at UPS in the slow season.

    Come on.