How can this be? Union dues issue

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  1. Are union dues not supposed to be 2.5 times your pay rate?

    I transferred last year from Cleveland, OH to Maine. Here in ME I was given a set amount to be paid for union dues. An example (I don't have the exact amounts here) was if you made $12 or lower you pay XX amount, between $12.01 and $18 you pay XX amount, and any pay rate over $18.01 is $64.

    In Ohio, my buddy, who started the same month as me and is at the exact same pay rate as me, $21+, is only paying $52 a month whereas I am paying $64 a month, which is nearly 3 times my hourly rate!! I'm paying $144 a year more for what seems to be LESS representation here. The crazy part is that the guy who only makes $18 is paying almost 3.5 times his hourly rate!!

    Someone enlighten me on this!!!
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    Several years ago Hoffa raised the minimum dues as set by the IBT Constitution to 2.5 times your hourly rate. However any Local Union Exectutive Board can raise their own Local's dues as high as they can get a way with.

    The confusing details are all in IBT Constitution Article X, Section 3 available here . . .
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    I did not beleive it to I read it myself, wow
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    It varies from local to local. Mine is 3x my hourly rate per month.
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    My rate is zero per hourly rate per month.
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    Salt isn't good for the wound, ya know.
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    I'm sure you will be bragging about your "Teamster pension" in a few years though