How dare UPS layoff workers after profitting $5.8 BILLION in 2010?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by 804brown, Feb 1, 2011.

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    Found this on

    UPS Profits Jump 48%

    UPS profits jumped by 48% during the fourth quarter, the company announced on Feb 1. In all, UPS made $5.8 billion in after-tax profits in 2010.

    UPS says it will make even more money this year. In fact the company is forecasting record profits in 2011.

    In a tough economy, UPS is making big bucks. So why is management upping production harassment? Why are supervisors working while Local 804 members are on lay-off and full-time clerks are reduced to part-time hours?

    It's not because the company is hurting. It's because of corporate greed- and top management trying to squeeze more profits out of fewer employees.

    Local 804 members are proud to work for a successful company. And we are proud of the work we do that makes the company's profits possible. In return, we expect management to treat us with dignity and respect- and to respect our rights under the contract.
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    Was the exact thing that Ron would always talk about. I like the memo that the Division Manager of 43rd sent out. It is going to get real ugly before it gets better. They have little or no respect for us.
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    I read that it was $3.49 billion in profit vs $2.15 billion in 2009.

    Still it was an awesome year for UPS! That and still no holiday turkey again.

    They cry poor and that they are making no money and that volume is down.

    WAHHHHH cry me a river. They are just a bunch of liars.

    It is a crime that they are laying people off. All they have to do is offer the senior drivers days off unpaid which almost all would take. These 10 guys Monday another 10 Tuesday etc etc They could also offer pay actuals at all who get done early and most would jump at it. That provides good service to customers instead of cutting routes and negatively impacting all the customers in that loop.

    Others that finish early would be required to go around getting sales leads or at least make a list of all the Fedex shippers on their routes and turn it into the sups.
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    I guess $5.8 BILLION is not enough for these greed heads!
    $5.8 BILLION and they have the balls to deny our grievances for sups working??
    $5.8 BILLION and they have the balls to suspend and discharge drivers for not moving fast enough??
    $5.8 BILLION and they have the balls to suspend and discharge loaders and sorters for misloads??
    $5.8 BILLION and they have the balls to lay off clerks into 4 1/2 hours with 20 years on the job??
    $5.8 BILLION and they have the balls to lay off PT Air Drivers on Christmas Eve??
    $5.8 BILLION and they have the balls to bitch and moan about drivers who start their trucks before they put their seatbelt on when it is freezing cold out??
    $5.8 BILLION and they have the balls to cut loads and send drivers out with 300 stops ??

    That is how they reward their hard working employees?? Shame on Big Brown!
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    i used to be proud. not so much anymore and that was before i was displaced and on the verge of goin partime. started a year or so ago when corporate slapped there own in the face. lower level management are not treated with dignity or respect and are no longer proud either. common sence tells ya not to expect that kinda treatment from them in turn.
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    Can't wait till the next contract
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    Menscheskinder !, eh ? :)
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    lol, while not being german, jewish or yiddish my hungarian gypsy grandmother used to call me her little mensch. she told me it meant "good boy"
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    Well, she was not quite correct. It means "little one", but directly translated means "little human" (little mensch) Menschen = people. I guess mensch would also mean person, but they also use the word "person" in the german language. But, not as in that saying of words.
    If you are big, fat, tall, little.... you would be considered grosser, fetter, grosser (again !), kleiner, - mensch (not "person")
    If it decribes your personality (character), like wise, smart, nice - then either mensch or person can be used.

    good boy = guter Bub or Buble (or guter Junge, or guter Kerle)
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    Lol I think perhaps you are debating German versus Hungarian definition .
    The word actually is yiddish in the origin. It means a decent responsible man perhaps one with compassion.
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    I do love Hungarian Gulash ! One of my all time favorite dishes, and always hard to explain to North Americans, since they think Gulash is a mix of all sorts of leftovers.
    But in reality, it's beef stew and Hungarian Style is with tomato paste, onions, garlic, green or red peppers, lots of paprika spice (and sometimes with potato cubes).
    Served over rice, noodles or mash potatoes.

    I love it !
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    The last I heard was ".....the company is paying the drivers too much and we are going bankrupt because of it.".
    Now I hear we made $5.8 BILLION in profit. The definition of profit is "....after all the bills are paid".
    Someone is lieing.
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    Cut-backs are being counted as profit. They also sold UPS Logistics Technologies.
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    Good luck with that grievance. I can see that one going to panel. Ever since Scott Davis became CEO the attitude of UPS management has shifted from awful to pure evil.
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    If you did not read the first couple posts you would think the was the food network.
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    Made me think of a Pu Pu platter.
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    Or the cream of sum yung guy. See I love what the labor forum has become. Thanks 804 threads!
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