How DHL load their vans

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    Well that's obviously not in the US... I remember once being "raced" to the curb, by a DHL van, he parked in front of me, ran out like it was the busiest day
    of his life... opened the back doors and there sat ONE lone package in the back of his van(at 10am) While I sat with over 130stops left...
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    The guys tossing the boxes are likely the ones shipping them. If that's how they handle their own stuff, the contents are probably not fragile.

    Nevertheless, if a package cannot be tossed or dropped without the contents breaking, it is packaged too poorly. I don't treat the stuff that I ship myself any differently. I can toss that sht up in the air, let it fall down, and the contents will be fine.
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    Looked like a few of them were hazmats too.
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