How did you meet your spouse or signficant other


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Thought this post may be fun. Many of us count on our spouses or significant others to support us at our jobs.

I'll go first.

I was OJS'ing a driver and spotted a good looking guy signing for the packages. I ran into him outside of UPS, and have been married to him for 25 years. So, if I didn't work for UPS, I may never had met him.


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I'll just repost my story from another thread:

I was delivering to a school and as I was removing the boxes from my two-wheeler I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turn around to see the first girl I ever kissed . That kiss was close to 30 years ago but I never forgot it or her. We hadn’t seen each other in about 15 years but she was still the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. I struggled through our short conversation that day with the hope that she wouldn’t see me sweat or notice how nervous I was. I got back in my package car kicking myself for not asking at least for her phone number.

About a week later I was on a different route that serviced her parents dental lab. While I was delivering their stuff I, as casually as I could, mentioned that I had ran into their daughter last week. Her mother gave me a little smile and said they already knew that because she had mentioned it to them. She said she had seemed excited to see me again and that I should giver her a call. I got back in my package car walking on air.

The next few days I just happened to have a mis-load for her school. Wonder how that happened? :biggrin: I finally got the courage up to ask for her phone number and we went out that weekend.

We were married in Destin, FL March 3, 2007.


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I met mine on Lake Erie, he had a 68 coronet, (dodge) and I had a 68 charger. We raced, I won.

We went target shooting, he taught me, I won. WE have never done that again.....I was 16, he was 17

I always adored him, he was mostly just a friend in our young days, and he was a blond haired harley riding terror. I was just normal. College, career, etc. But it was the eyes, and the arms, that held my attention, for all those years.

We got back together when we were 38, and 39. Been married 5 whole years. A record for both of us. But this is final. I saw him with some bar babe and I had to rescue him from a life of ugly:wink:


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These are wonderful stories! I'm a "closet romantic" at heart, I think lol. Slightly off-topic but what the hey. I was at a wedding this past weekend and this woman I've met once blazes by me into the ballroom and says as she passes, "You're going to make a great dad some day!" Married and a mother herself a few times over, I was very amused. Her husband is an old friend of the family, so I suspect she got some "inside information" from the bride's mother. -Rocky


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Playing Volleyball on the Mall in DC for an MS benefit. She was playing on the court next to ours and I followed her to the beer truck. 16 years later and I'd still follow her anywhere.


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I met my hubby in high school. We both signed up for the Junior Achievement Program in our city. He went to the all male Catholic H.S. and I went to the all girl's Cath. H.S. I was a senior & he was a junior. I was going to be a nun and was heading to the convent, but he changed my mind. He never said anything, he was just his cute self and that did it for me.
We'll celebrate 40 yrs. married in Sept. I'm still very much in love with his "baby blues".:wink:


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I have been a member of the site for some time, under differant names , but this is my first post.

I am proud to say I meet my now wife on route, while I was a utility driver. I was on the route for some time and we just got to talking. 9 years later and we are still going strong in a happy marrage. Makes for some interesting jokes with our family members. I don't think it is that uncommon since other than going out, the work place is the most common place to get to know someone.

One thing I always do know on my route is to make sure that every knows I am happily married. Don't want to give anyone the wrong idea.


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I met my then future wife on my first day as a peak season driver ’87. Her mother owned a ladies clothing store on my training route. As it turned out UPS kept me after peak and the route became permanent. Several months later my then future mother in law sent a letter to UPS praising my service and attitude. On my next delivery to the shop I thanked them and offered to buy them lunch. Long story short, my wife and I have been married 17 years (Hey govols019! March 3rd for us too!) and have a couple offspring. :thumbup1:


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She was in the McDonalds parking lot looking at the flat tire on her car, I stopped and asked of she needed any help. She did, I changed her flat. She bought me a happy meal. 18 months later she suckered me into meeting at a church to get hitched. That was 22 yrs ago. Been telling her I'm gonna trade her in on 2, 20 year olds, but she won't let me go to McDonalds any more.:tongue_sm


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Met my Future wife on route. I was her "man in brown"
Apparently took her about 3 weeks to ask me out..
Getting married this June! :)


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She was the cheapest girl in the mail order catalog....But seriously,, she was the best friend of my roommate's girlfriend. She said I think I know a guy you might like. We had one of those July to December romances..Met in July and married in December of the same year. 17 years and still going strong. Only problem is that she is starting to get better at golf than me....


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She was the best friend of my roommate.. She told her I know a guy you might like.. 17 years later, after a July-December romance we got married. Considering the fact we were both 18 at the time, I think it's worked out OK...Kinda sucks tho..we have a wedding anniversary in the middle of peak season..


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This thread gives me hope that one day I might find someone worth marrying. I've come close, but still not yet. These are some great stories, and reading them is bringing a smile to my face :)


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Went thru divorce bout 15 yrs ago, maybe more. Tryin to forget that one! Was in cruzin high gear for lots o yrs! Doin stuff that, off the clock, was bordering on illegal and was over-the-edge immoral. Ain't proud of it but too many people here know about it and some read this so can't sugar coat it.

At the urging of a very good younger female friend and against what little common sense I had left, I joined a local dating thing. Geez! Did I get busy then! ANYWAY, on feeder run would stop at same truck stop for legal break and got to be friends with fuel desk gal and manager sister. They'd always ask about my escapades that weekend. I'd be happy to oblige by going into great detail! What a bumblehead! After a few months of THAT, I called it off. No more going out, no more phone calls, no more nothing! I was wore out!

The fuel desk gal says after all this, "I know who you can go out with!!" (Oh, no! Not another one!!!) She also worked p/t at a nursing home. I said, "Here's my #. Have her call".

She did. To shorten up the story, she lived 70 mi away. We long-distanced for 5 yrs, got married in 02. This yr'll be 5 with the best thing that's ever happened to me. Probably saved my life.


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I met mine standing in line waiting to use a porta potty. It was a long line and we ended up talking the entire wait. It was at a local race track I was there racing in a divisional event. 19 years later were still going strong. It's probably good that she was ahead of me in line or the ending might have been different. The funnel cake was going right through me!!! True story!!!!!


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Amazing how many met their spouses while on route!

I met my wife at my first "real" job. I was a HS teacher a lifetime ago. We've been married 22 years.


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The first time I saw her was a Nathan's hot dog eating contest. I thought she was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I never got a chance to talk to her though. A month later I happened to be at a Pizza Hut pizza eating contest and there she was again. Just as beautiful as the first time I saw her a month prior. After she collected her winnings for eating all those personal pies I ran up to her and introduced myself. We've been together ever since.