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  1. flipsol3

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    Well I started working at UPS about a month ago and I want to change my bank account info for direct deposit. I want to know how do I register for I saw an old post with similar info but the link is down. Thanks in advance.
  2. flipsol3

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    anybody, I really need help with this.
  3. DS

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    send an email, they will get back to you within 48 hrs
  4. flipsol3

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    What's the difference between AD ID and IGEMS employee ID.
  5. flipsol3

    flipsol3 New Member

    okay I'll try that as well
  6. Monkey Butt

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    As a new hire, you do not have an Active Directory ID. The AD ID allows single user login across multiple platforms within the UPS computer infrastructure and systems.

    You should use your Employee Number which is 7 digits and should be on your paycheck stub or if that is not available it should be somewhere on your clock-in screen.
  7. flipsol3

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    Oh okay thanks, yea I was forced to memorize my employee ID since I use it to clock in everyday. So what should I put in for my password?
  8. Monkey Butt

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    User ID: IGEMS Employee ID. If you don't know your IGEMS Employee ID contact your local H.R. Management Team.

    PIN: Your Personal Identification Number is a one-time password you use during your registration. (Note: PINs are case-sensitive; enter the letters in your PIN in lower-case.)

    How to construct your PIN:
    First two letters from the name of your Region
    Last two digits of your hire/restart year
    Last two digits of your Employee ID
    Note: Please remember that passwords are case-sensitive. The letters in your initial password should be entered in lower-case. Passwords must be between 7-14 characters with at least 1 alpha and 1 numeric character. The password you create cannot be the same as your PIN.
  9. flipsol3

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    yea that didn't work, I'll just go to HR tomorrow and ask them what to do. Thanks for all the help and suggestions though.
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    did you get it to work? please let me know....
  12. drewed

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    Hoke where'd you pull that info from? I've never seen that your password is first two of last name, last two of birth yr and last two of employee id ex john smith born in 1968 employee id 1234567 his password woll be sm6867 no caps
  13. kpariseau

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    I dont presently work for UPS but someone told me to go to to fill out an application. Is that possible since Im not working for UPS or must you be employed first?

  14. Brown_Noser

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    Yes you’re right, that’s not possible.

    You must be employed at UPS to use

    I think that person meant for you to go to to fill out you application.
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    Call HR