how do you become a truck driver for ups

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    I'm not talking about the drivers that deliver the packages, but the ones that drive the tractor trailers and the trucks that are alittle bit smaller than the 18 wheelers. Are they on the road weeks at a time? Are there any truck driving jobs where you get to come home everynight?
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    In some places there are off the street hires but most are employees who have worked their way up and put in the time to have the seniority to bid on the job.
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    and the off the street hires need to have a year's experience of tractor trailer driving with no accidents(regardless of fault) and even then , it starts off as a seasonal job with no guarantee that it becomes a permanent position.
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    99% sleep at home, that could be day or night depending on shift, only sleeper teams go on the road for days a time
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    I agree to you. If you want become a heavy hauling trucker, make sure you have experience and clean record. I think you must take some courses and training from some school to be more competitive.
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    Check the dates on threads before you post.
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    Mostly all Feeder drivers get runs that get them home each night of the week. Only certain centers have team drivers that are gone four or five nights. I can not tell you much about those and would not want to give you misleading information on those runs. In feeders, depending on where you are, you will be working nights. Where I am unless you have about 38 years in, you will be starting work about 4 pm and finish up anywhere from 1am-4am. It is most defiantly better than being a package car driver, but you still have the mind games UPS likes to play (unless your a suck up) . If you want this job, check with, to see if they are hiring. If you get a job at UPS, do exactly as instructed, document, document, document !! They are always watching you, weather your driving a tractor, or walking on property. It use to be a great place to work, now it is just a place to work. GL