how do you file a GRIEVANCE for attendance

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  1. upsers22.3

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    ups want's to build a record on us and fire us for performance
  2. DorkHead

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    How can you be fired for performance?
  3. Monkey Butt

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    By setting a record or record performance.
  4. grgrcr88

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    You are going to have to be a little more specific if you really want some help friend.
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    Yea, you need to be more pacific.
  6. drewed

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    they can fire you for attendance
  7. atatbl

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    Also, 16
  8. RogerThat

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    Here is how disciplinary action works against an hourly employee. This should clear up any confusion you have because it simply does not make sense to file a grievance against disciplinary action on your attendance because we have records that will in fact show if you suck at showing up to your job. I see that you are a 22.3...

    There are two categories of discipline. Each of these are separate from one another meaning that the levels of discipline cannot advance from one category to another:

    Enough Said. Come to work, and be on time!

    Service and Everything else:
    You can be disciplined in progressive steps for service and other disorderly like conduct such as cursing at management, throwing packages or hand scanners, stealing time, low PPH, ect...

    Now you are probably wondering how an employee can be punished for PPH when the contract clearly states, "A fair days work for a fair days pay." You could even make the argument from a shop stewards perspective, and say that everyone is different and therefore has different capabilities. Fine. However, if I look on GSS for a loader's PPH or do a flow count on a sorter I will either work with the employee to improve it, or if it is acceptable I will then review the employee's performance with them and then tell them that they have now sat their own MAR. I can now hold them accountable to that performance. I have seen what they are capable of, and expect to it to maintain.

    The appropriate levels of discipline include: warning letter, five day suspension, ten day suspension, last chance agreement, and finally termination. A talk with is just a courtesy and is not a requirement. However, most reasonable management people will do a talk with. This is only fair because how can an employee correct a problem if they do not know there is one? Communication is key, and I can only hope that you have a management team bright enough to know this.
  9. Loufan

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    Didn't know about the hand scanner one, but I ship a scanner to Florida once, didn't get it back for 2 weeks. I think it's impossible to break those things anyway. They get dropped at least 10 times a day.
  10. RogerThat

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    I have seen loaders lose the scanners inside the feeder truck that they were loading. Most of the time we find it either a couple minutes after they lose it or the destination hub/center will find it when unloading and send it back. I'm talking about purposely throwing a hand scanner into the ground with anger. I've seen it done. Those scanners cost more than most hourlies make in two months. In reality you can be terminated on the spot for that if the scanner breaks. That is destroying company property.

  11. If he can't show up on the thread he started may be an indication of what the issue may be.

    I'm gonna', start one called "Gimme some winning Lottery numbers". If I show back up to see the suggestions, play and win, we'll split 80/20? Fair??
  12. thelus

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    It basically comes down to this. The company can do what ever they feel like. If they wanted to fire you tomorrow they can. now with that said. There is a contract. hey can fire you but, the reason better be good enough to be upheld at panel. To get fired for performance you would have to be slacking off big time for it to be upheld.
  13. brownmonster

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    how do you file a GRIEVANCE for attendance

    ups want's to build a record on us and fire us for performance

    Which is it? Step one, make sure thread title and subject are the same.
  14. upsers22.3

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    every time your late or if you call in sick u have to see a shop steward.
  15. brownmonster

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    Problem easily solved. Still don't see where production comes into play.
  16. brownIEman

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    I am a tad lost too.

    Are you saying you feel it is unfair to fail to show up or be late and then be disciplined? Is it your stance that employees should be able to show up as late as they want, or not at all, whenever they want with no consequences whatsoever?
  17. brownmonster

    brownmonster Man of Great Wisdom

    Typical harassed employee. Shows up late and misses work constantly and wonders why they are on him.
  18. Omega man

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    Sounds like you are frustrated because you really know that this will never stick. You can't hold a worker on a daily bases to the highest levels the worker has demonstrated in the past. At most all you can hope for is to hold them to some fair and reasonable minimum. Wake up before you cost your company a good amount of money in arbitration fee losses!
  19. RogerThat

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    Listen hoss,

    No kidding an employee will have a bad day every now and again. I am talking about when they totally drop the ball to make a point or get back at someone in management. That is exactly what I use it for. To make sure they don't drop way down to some ridiculously low number, and then say that is all they are capable of. I can hold an employee accountable with any legal and ethical method I choose.

  20. dannyboy

    dannyboy From the promised LAND

    mar is an average of several days/hours worth of documentation showing that an employee is working as expected. its not the highest, or the lowest, it is an average.

    therefore, as long as the employee stays within range, you should have no issue with performance.

    this is where you leave the ups reservation. you have now made it personal, and you will use what ever means you choose to make your point.

    the contract is very clear about your options. so why would you take an otherwise great post, and end it with this crap?

    if the employee is working within range, leave them alone. if they are demonstrably causing a work slowdown, then you have the remedies under the contract to deal with it.

    as for attendance issues, if you have a problem as to why you cant be at work, or in a timely manner, then you need to speak to your management team before it becomes an issue. after you have begun the trip down discipline alley, its too late.

    bottom line, its your job to be on time every day. so be there if you want to keep your job. the union cant help you much on this type of stupidity.