How do you guy offload ur surepost? Logistics/safety ?

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    I deliver mine all bagged up usually to the point of bursting open on the floor, but my question is to you guys that deliver a ton of surepost like your whole aisle way gone because of it, and how you physically offload it and how preload puts in your car?

    Thanks for useful responses, just trying to save a guys body from wearing out before his time.
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    F surepost
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    Surepost bags get flung at the end of the shift into the back of whatever car(s) in the loop can contain them. Ideally they would all be loaded in the same spot on one designated route, but that takes time and we cant afford to be paying a preloader $10 an hour to do it right. It makes more business sense to pay me $32 an hour to break trace by 5 miles and help get them delivered, that way the preload sup hits his PPH plan and looks good on his report and all is right in the world. Cant wait to see how ORION will "improve" the situation.
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    My surepost crap is loaded at RDL and I average 11-20 pieces per day to drop off at the post office. If I have a ton of bulk I'll hit the post office early to make room. If I start the day with crap on the floor up to chest level I'll typically deliver as much bulk as possible before I even start my airs. It drives me nuts not being able to find stuff/walk through my truck, (it's a 700 so not a lot of room).
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    totally agree * if you want free NDA service on my route, just order something big and bulky * that sumbeach is outta here
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    i usually have between 80 and 150 for the PO..with between 15 and 20 of those truck is always blown out..and the PO wont let me deliver before 1130 because they only have 5 docks and they are still loading up ...awesome..i love the day after a holiday when its a double tuesday will be..
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    I made the thread cuz our preload in all its wisdom takes usps style laundry bins(3'x5') and loads them into his 1000cube ,takes the whole floor area. The bins have handles but theyre mid-chest height so really hard to lift- and nobody at snailmail helps. His p10 is lower than their dock, sometimes he has to push off to the ground.
    Logistically this sucks, I'm thinking shoulder injury.
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    BTW I usually deliver surepost on holidays-their's almost always somebody setting up trays for the carriers even tho thats union work, I just dont show up early.
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    He should file a safety grievance. CYA, ya know.
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    ​I've been averaging about 350 pieces for the post office, They will not let me use the loading dock I have to offload like other trucks..
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    So we're talkin 80 bags aday? DAANG