How do you survive the summer while working?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by aspenleaf, Jun 13, 2007.

  1. aspenleaf

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    Some of the gals on my boxline bring spray bottles with cold water. A little spray now and then really helps cool you down! If you want to be a little Martha Stewart (or is it Steward?) about it you can add some slices of cucumber to your water bottle.

    At break put cold water on your arms.

    Wear cotton clothes or clothes that wick away the perspiration.

    Drink a lot of water! I am amazed at how many people I see with no water bottles (and they wonder why they are sluggish!)

    There are tons more tips out there so what do you do? :thumbup1:
  2. Griff

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    I freeze a plastic gallon jug of water every night. It thaws over the course of the early morning, but really isn't that big of a help on the 95+ days.
  3. mittam

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    Water, water. and more water. I also freeze plastic bottles half full then fill with water in the morning, plus a cooler of ice and a good hand towel.
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    Our center has an ice machine and I fill my water jug with ice and water. If its really hot and I drink all of my water; I have a c-store that will let me refill my jug with ice and water from their soda fountain. Find shade during lunch to cool off. If its really hot I'll take lunch inside at a fast food restaurant.
  7. 25yrvet

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    I'll bring an extra set of browns & take a shower at the pool on my route during my break.
  8. toonertoo

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    A rag soaked in ice water, lots of drinking water, lawn sprinklers, kids with super soakers, and lite food, and the thought of bud on ice at home.
  9. dillweed

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    Lots of good suggestions, especially the water! However, some folks can't do water. My husband worked commercial construction for 20 years and water gives him a heat headache. He has found gatorade much better, maybe because it adds salt and other goodies. If water isn't doing the trick, try the gatorade.

    Also, learn to like to sweat. I imagine all the crud and BS being washed from my system when I'm dripping wet and pretend I like it. :wink:
  10. disneyworld

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    I just keep telling myself I love the humidity more than wind chill.
  11. Raw

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    Here in Florida a frozen gallon water at 8am is room temperature at 10am. Luckily I like the 98` temperature and 95% humidity ( I sorta go into a oneness of body and mind alter-consciousness positive mood up-lifter state of being :tongue_sm) I also drink plenty of hot coffee, then my gallon water than finish off the day drinking diet sodas or fresca I pack in my cooler ( 6 count ), also a few refills of diet coke or iced tea on lunch break!
  12. lost

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    when I was a loader I would go get my hair soaking wet and go load some more, that really helped me. As far as driving never had to deal with it.
  13. brownman15

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    you need to drink more than just water too much water can cause water intoxication need to drink some gatorade to replace salt
  14. Ms Spoken

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    One little trick I do is only fill my H2O jug with about 3 inches of water and the rest ice. By the time I'm ready for my water the ice had started to melt. By 6pm I have no ice but, still have cold water.

    Find a different swim pool for everyday of the week and be the talk of the town. But, at that point who really cares. :lol:
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    I've been through two summers here in Texas where temperatures will almost regularly top 100 degrees. I drink lots of cold water. Oh, and cut off all my hair. Other than that, pretty much just do a lot of sweating. What's crazy is when I see people loading/unloading wearing pants in the summer.
  16. scratch

    scratch Least Best Moderator Staff Member

    What's crazy about people wearing pants to work?:lol: I hope you meant long pants. I think that is crazy too when I see people in long sleeve shirts and long pants in summer weather. Thats about as crazy as the guys wearing a winter jacket and short pants in the wintertime.

    Oh by the way, good first post, welcome to the Brown Cafe. I am glad you joined in, I'm just pulling your leg a little bit.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    The customers on my rt are really nice, always offering me water or a chance of catching some relief from the heat. Also don't you love delivering to those cold storage warehouses?? Those huge freezers kick back a nice cold breeze.

    I don't know about drinking sodas on a hot day, I just don't feel like they replenish the liquids you need. I agree Gatorade,Powerade, even Lemonade (gotta love those neighborhood kids who sell on just about every block).

    Those kids dig it when I pull up!!!
  18. scratch

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    Sodas are the worst possible thing to drink on a hot day. They make you dehydrate faster. If you feel thirsty, you are already starting to dehydrate. I hit every water fountain I see and guzzle PowerAde or Gatorade all day. Its a lot cheaper if you buy it in the premix form and mix it yourself. I freeze my water bottles overnight and carry in an insulated cooler all day so they stay cold.:sweatdrop
  19. lost

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    Yeah Texas heat is tough!!!! But we can survive it!
  20. EAM_Master

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    I drink at least a gallon-gallon and a half of water a day. I also take advantage off all the kind people on my route who are always offering me cold water or Gatorade. They are a life saver. I also carry a damp towel that keep around my neck. That is very helpful in wiping the sweat off my brow and keeping the dust off my face.