How does it work when they lay off drivers?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by sortaisle, Nov 21, 2008.

  1. sortaisle

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    Ok, we have 3 centers here in Spokane. If one center lays off 8 drivers, the other lays off 6 drivers, and another lays off 10 drivers, how does seniority work out? Are you laid off based on seniority in center? Or is it seniority as a driver in general? The reason I ask is because a friend of mine has more seniority than 4 drivers in another center that won't be laid off, but because he works for his center, he's within the layoff for that center. Couldn't he bump a lower seniority driver from another center and get work in? Or is he going to wind up back in the building after peak? He's got like 5 years driving in so it's an odd situation with no clear answer over here.
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    Lets see has 10,one has 6,one has 8, one has more seniority than 4......they drive to Spokane at 80 mph for 2 hours...uhmmm. The square root of 3?

    In all seriousness it depends on how your contract is worded. They may replace ptimers on the inside or they may bump junior drivers at other buildings.
    For example on the last contract at my building we were considered our own district so anyone laid off went inside the building or took the layoff. On the new contract we are now back to being part of the larger district comprised of multiple buildings. laid off drivers can bump junior drivers,take two ptime positions or take the layoff.
    Have you spoken to a steward from your local? they would be your best advice.
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    Yeah I could speak to my steward, but it's more fun to read peoples responses here!
  4. 705red

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    Layoffs here go by company seniority within that classification, so your buddies would be able to bump the junior drivers if that center is in the same district.

    If not we can bump any junior 22.3, porter, fulltime inside or dispace 2 ptimers all while staying at our current rate of pay.
  5. sortaisle

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    Thank you, I actually found it in our contract. It was in our JC 28 rider. He get's to bump junior drivers in other centers cause we're in a multiple center building.
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    I'm amazed at how many people in the union don't read there union book ask a question online then read there book and find the answer.


  7. sortaisle

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    ok, you don't know the whole story so no harm no foul. We didn't get our union books until this past week. Some people got them much sooner than we did, so is it so wrong to get an opinion from someone who's had their book longer?
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    Mindless response. The contract is entirely open to interpetation. That is the beauty of this forum - everyone can share their experience and interpetations.
  9. soberups

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    After 5 days laid off, a driver can start bumping lower seniority drivers building-wide.
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    So would the laid off drivers have to bump the lowest seniority employees first (2 p/ters for instance) or just anyone that is junior to them that they choose (22.3 or other full-time inside)?

    Also, would they have to be qualified to perform the jobs of the people they are bumping?
  11. gandydancer

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    Generally you have to be qualified to do the job of anyone you bump, but you can bump anyone with less seniority... but then they get to bump in turn. Up to a certain number of times in certain parts of the contract, but not layoffs, I believe. It's Rider language, so different everywhere.
  12. Overpaid Union Thug

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    What I'm wondering is if laid off drivers can opt to do air driving work in combination with one part-time shift instead of having to work both shifts inside? I did this a few times but last time was told I couldn't do it anymore because whenever a full-time driver does air work during a layoff they show up on the operation report as a full service provider. Meaning....the manager and dispatch sup gets bitched at for running one too many routes. This is basically a paperwork issue and there has to be a way around it. If I deliver EAMs and NDAs after working preload to get my 8 hours then it should be coded as such and not as a full-service provider.
  13. gandydancer

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    Your Supplement and/or Rider will specify who you can bump, in great detail. What shows up on the operation report doesn't matter.
  14. Overpaid Union Thug

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    It doesn't get that specific. Just says that we can bump part-timers. It doesn't say whether or not we can bump air drivers but I would think that we could.

    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

    If all 3 centers are under 1 Local Union then the highest seniority person layed off regardless of center should get first crack at the return.

    We have 3 centers in our Local and when we rebid routes, I can go to any center and bid a route based on seniority. I can't see how it could be different. Just may have to learn new routes.
  16. Dark_Team_135

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    Here we have 3 buildings, two with multiple centers. Our seniority is only good in the building we work in, so junior members could be working in one building while senior members are laid off in another building 20 minutes or less from that location...
  17. sortaisle

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    If your route is absorbed by another center no matter where it is, you have a right to follow your work and displace the least senior driver. It's in the contract.
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    My hub is using non driver hub workers to deliver packages in golf carts. Can I file a greivence as a layed off cover driver?
  19. Dark_Team_135

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    Yeah that happens here some. I was talking about layoffs. Whats left of your work is still in the center, it is just being done by more senior drivers.
  20. 705red

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    You would see the higher seniority laid off drivers bump the 22.3s for the 8 consecutive hours, but it looks like our drivers here that will be laid off are all around the 2 year or less in seniority so they would have to displace two ptimers unless their seniority is greater than some new 22.3s.

    If you read artcile 40 (air operations) it states that air drivers are to be used only to assist in the operations by delivering what the regular ftime driver cannot. This language means that air drivers would be the first to get laid off if it comes to it.

    Heff, we have i beleive its 11 buildings within our local which is broken down to 3 different districts, metro ill, north ill, and cach. Now a laid off feeder driver has the right to displace a junior feeder driver within any of these areas. However any other layoffs go by district.

    So if your laid off in metro you can bump within metro, and the same with the other two districts. Hope this helps, also any laid off employee here keeps their current rate of pay and does not go to inside hub rate, if your at $28.55 driving you will be at the same loading and unloading.