How does Salary Raise work for part time ?

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    OK, so I have been working twilight unload for almost a year. Real easy job, but i wanted to know how the Raises work ? I've been told once it was like .30 cents every 3 months you work. Then i was told .50 cents 2 times a year. I started last July so can someone tell me when i would be expecting a raise please. Thanks
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    you should've got a buck raise at 90 days. then .50 cents a year for the first 3 years then .87 cents in the final year of progression. i have no idea what it's going to be now in the new contract
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    You follow the wage progression set forth in the contract.

    Currently, it starts at $8.50, progresses to $9.50 after 90 days and $10.00 after one year. (Note: if your local minimum wage is $8.70, you'll start at $8.70 but progress only to $9.50 after 90 days). When the new contract is implemented (agreement reached, needs member ratification), you'll follow the wage progression for seniority employees set forth in the contract -- which will be at least 70c this year & next, perhaps more depending on the terms of the PT catch up raise (details not leaked). If your seniority date is before August 1, you'll earn a double raise (50c, then whatever the contract specifies) this year.
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    I came in on a contract that gave two raises a year, 6 months each, that of 35% increase on your current rate. And was given a slight cost of living raises once a year was added later on, its small, but every little bit helps. The newer contract only gives a raise once a year. The % of that is quite large, yet it takes a year, yet for some it still isnt enough. I was just talking to a fellow worker thats been working with us for about 3 years. Hes looking to go soup because be barely makes 220 a week, on a good week that is.

    It varies, and you might not be getting the proper information here due to region regualtions. This would be a good question for a shop steward to answer, who knows you might catch him unknowing of the newer details.

    Sooner or later, we might see the health benefits go as well. Good luck seeing people staying around after that.
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    So if i hit my year in june, i'll get the .50 cent raise from the old progression, a .70 from the new contract when it takes effect and whatever "catch-up" raise we're going to be getting? Seems too good to be true
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    No. Not if you're hitting 1 year. You don't get the contractual raises (.70 in this case) until you have completed the four-year progression.
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    If the new hire rate increases then all part timers imo 'should' get that same raise amount too. If catch up raises are JUST given to recent hires... then what is offered besides the new progression to the part timer with 5, 10, or more years in.... Nothing?
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    Yes, if your seniority date is in June, you'll receive a double raise. If your seniority date is after August 1, but the contract has not been ratified, you'll also receive a double raise. If your seniority date is after August 1, but the contract is ratified before August 1, you'll receive only the 70c (or whatever else it may be). Thereafter, you'll follow the same wage schedule as everybody else. (Do you have a June seniority date? In my facility, there are no June seniority dates -- everybody hired during the summer is considered seasonal and receives a September seniority date.)

    BTW, while I'm hoping you receive the catch-up raise -- and I would welcome one, too -- it appears at this point there may not be a catch-up raise, and just a bump to the starting pay.

    This is incorrect; see page 65 of your contract. Status quo, the "four-year progression" is simply a two-tier wage system designed to screw employees hired after a contract is implemented, and ends when a new contract is signed.
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    I started june 25th of 2012 as a permanent employee, not seasonal. So july 25th would've been my 30 days. I guess i make it by a whole 7 days.
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    I believe it's 30 working days, not 30 calendar days, and given that 4 JUL is a holiday, you'll be short by a three days :(. There's still a (slim) chance that the contract won't be ratified until after August 1; in that case, you would receive the double raise.

    But check your seniority date. In my area, even if you're hired as a permanent employee during the summer, you still receive a bookend seniority date in September.