How does the union look after the interest of PT inside workers?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by NI3, Apr 20, 2012.

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    They were passing out union fliers the other day. I took a few minutes to look at it and here's a shocker to me.

    PTer pension contribution per hour: almost the same as their pay. ~$8.00
    FTer pension contribution per hour: only 1.1x the PTer contribution despite substantially higher pay. contrib: $8.80/hr. According to the flier, per hour contributions is a fixed value depending on if you're PT or FT.

    Seeing that you can only get pension through retiring from service, this is not something PTers who work there through college will see a red cent from. It would be much better in our interest if we were paid $16/hr with zero pension contribution.

    Since PTers are not seeing one bit of it, but the Union is making the company contribute anyways, I'm guessing its getting funneled towards FTers pension, or in other words, "rich gets richer".

    The relative personal burden for union payment is much greater for PTers. Us starting PT inside workers are getting below minimum wage after union initiation and dues deductions and its really frustrating to see that the company's contribution to pension that we(PT insiders) will not see a drop of.

    Also, the interesting thing is that the contribution is capped to 40hrs/week. In other words, FT pkg drivers who often do 40+ hrs/wk are exempt from contribution towards pension on portions over 40. Us PTers, basically every single hour is subject to contribution.

    This ain't right.