How does transferring work??

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    I currently work in a very small hub in Mississippi. I've been working here for almost 5 years. I am so tired of getting a $200 check every week. I plan to transfer to Texas. Im tired of the same environmet and my boyfriend and I are ready to move on to bigger and better things. Plus when I first started I was the person who spaed now, I have the clerk position and I feel like I should get paid more. Not only that but, Im not even elgible for the earn and learn program because my hub is not qualified. Thats some freakin bs. I feel like if they cant pay me more then I should at least be able to use them to help me through school. I've been reading some of the topics on here and it looks like I will have to quit and get rehired. As anyone actually transferred without quitting?? As anyone quit and got rehired??
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    Judging by the fact you don't like the pay, the non-existent schooling program, and the same old monotonous labor; sounds like transferring isn't your problem, it's UPS. Just find another job and use the 5 years of UPS employment as a referral.
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    Being a part-time worker has one good benifit. You can transfer to another state. You will lose your senority but keep your hourly wage vacations and pension. Talk to your hr person and your manager for the details.
  4. Say what? Transfer? Since when? I want to transfer.....How about the Bahamas or maybe Hawaii? What does 31 plus years get me?
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    More packages.
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    Gotta love a "right-to-work state".
    The chances of getting a transfer are near zero. The odds of getting rehired are worse.
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    There are only (2) two ways to transfer with out quitting. The first is being under the western supplement which you don't fall under. The second is to do a educational transfer. Mean you need to apply and be enrolled in an approved school in the area that you want to transfer to... Then the building manger has to have a spot for you and has to except you...

    Good luck on quitting and trying to get rehired and that at a lower pay than your making now.
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    I'm in a RTW state and I transfered and so have more than a few others in my center. I've also seen quite a few people quit and be rehired later in this RTW state. A couple came back several times. The issue isn't wether or not a state is a RTW state. The issue is wether someone is qualified to transfer (employed at least one year and enrolling in school) and if there is an opening at the hub or center they want to transfer to.