How far would you go to repair UPS equipment as a non-mechanic?

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    I once had turnpike doubles. The brakes were not properly adjusted-causing the brakes to smoke. One of our mechanics made a road call, and got me back on the road. At the turn around, my old meet driver had problems with the brakes not releasing.

    He calls his mechanics, and agrees to do what the mechanic told him to do over the phone.....disconnecting the air line from the brake chambers, crimping them off with cable ties....I asked my meet driver if he ever has done such a thing. To which he said, "no, but these trailers have to make service." I told him that he was a fool for working on an air brake system with no knowledge-and making service isn't worth putting other lives at risk if anything went wrong.

    My point is, do not work on any UPS equipment just to make service. Service is important, but when it puts others lives at risk it's just not worth it.
  2. BigUnionGuy

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    I must have passed that part.... to obtain a CDL.... with flying colors.

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    As a feeder driver I have one job and one job only. To get to my destination in a safe and timely manner. When I have a mechanical problem I call my dispatch and tell them my problem and my location. I am not a certified mechanic. As long as I have preformed my pre trip of my equipment to company expectations than I have done my job.

    I always asked myself when I was in packages when I was behind...will working unsafe and getting into a accident really make up time? No.
    Remember you can not make up time on road. Have a happy and safe holiday season to all my fellow UPSERS.
  4. soberups

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    Lets see...

    I replaced a burned out headlight bulb once, spent $10 at an auto parts store and got my money back the next day.

    I also replaced a faulty flasher unit. Its a device about the size of a golf ball that just plugs into the fuse box. $12 and I got reimbused the next day.

    There was also one time on a rainy day that my driver side wiper blade got all bent and tweaked from a low-hanging tree branch. I tried fixing it but it was toast, so I bought a new one and clipped it on. On that occasion, the center paid for it over the phone with a credit card so I didnt have to get reimbursed.

    If no tools are required and I am not cutting electrical wires or dealing directly with critical safety hardware, I am more than willing to undertake very minor and unskilled repairs. If, however, the safety of the vehicle is compromised in any way, I will not drive it until proper repairs are made by a qualified mechanic.
  5. soberups

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    The drivers who work out of our satellite centers have been given a supply of replacement mirror glass, headlight bulbs, wiper blades, wiper fluid etc. so that they can perform routine maintainence themselves.
  6. Anonymous 10

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    I've put air in a tire or two and piss in a radiator. I also had a bumper wrap off on one side and I tied it up with bags and a bungie cord.
  7. TearsInRain

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    i keep baby wipes and a multiple-head screwdriver. if i can't fix it with those, i'm calling someone else
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    I almost forgot...there was one time that the little switch on the brake pedal that turns the brake lights on and off got sticky, which caused the brake lights to stay on all the time and the alarm on the dash to sound. Its hard to explain, but I needed to find a way to press the plunger on the switch in further in order to make the lights go out when my foot was off the pedal. I pulled a "McGuyver" and fixed it by taping a a Popsicle stick and three quarters to the top of the brake pedal where it came in contact with the switch. The mechanic I spoke with the next day was impressed with my ingenuity.
  9. Well, I'm a certified aircraft mechanic as well as a feeder driver and a pilot too. And yes, I feel comfortable repairing(or attempting to) any equipment I operate. I have borrowed tools and customers facilities and have done some pretty involved repairs, getting pretty greasy in the process. Accelerator cables, fuel lines are just a few.....even had a little welding done one time. Not bragging, just whatever it took to deliver those parcels! Some of the repairs didn't require follow up with the mechanics.
  10. kingOFchester

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    Kudos to those who have made repairs. I do not get paid to repair package cars. I would be afraid that my repair could result in some failure or damage or accident that management could place on me. Also, I would rather not take work away from union mechanics. They get paid to come and fix my truck. I would not want mechanics to start shuttling work out to drivers just because they were heading out on area to fix a truck anyways. I think must of us would not be happy to see ups taking advantage of this scenario. To me this is the same as fixing a truck. I don't want them to do our work and i don't want to do their work. To me this is the basis of a union. Contractural work being done by those who contracted to do it.

    My building has over 250 trucks out on the road everyday. Everyday u see mechanics heading out to jump trucks. Repair small issues and the like. If everyone made all repairs possible out on area and got help from local mechanics this surely would help in ups lowering the alloted hours for mechanics.

  11. First of all, all possible repairs were authorized by mgt. With all due respect..........these repairs were far and few between.........I think it is ridiculous to sit there waiting for a $5 repair......Your mechanic is getting paid regardless. This untouchable Union interaction is why Unions are going the way of the dodo. Stupid and wasteful.
  12. kingOFchester

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    . Could careless what is approved by management Again in this world full of law suits I am not putting myself in a position of a law suit by fixing anything that I am not trained nor paid to do.

    I would have an issue if mechanics were shuttling out work when they went out on area to do repairs. U aren't looking at the big picture. If we all did these types of repairs we would certainly be taking work away from a mechanic. Antiquated or not. Good or bad. This is what we are. Union. Until that changes I will follow to the best of my ability.
  13. kingOFchester

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    To me this is the same as drivers loading there trucks as preloaders are being sent home. I don't get paid to load my truck. Ups will take advantage of every driver that puts pieces in their truck by allotting less hours for the preload.
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    Urinate into the radiator?

  15. Those Hostess employees(former) said the the very same thing......I guess it could be called "Former Brown Cafe". Yeah, my view is very limited........unlike yours......true?
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    Not going to partake in a pissing contest or even a fun debate, sitting here drinking a cold one trying to digest the holiday food is taking to much blood out of the old noodle. I will say that I respect your views and admit that I do think that the union's on the whole are flawed at best. But, I can't stand behind the contract when it benefits me, but then walk over it when it benefits me. I find, for me, that it is best that I follow it to the best of my ability. When I came to work at UPS i agreed to enter into a contract with my employer. It took a few years to understand that, but I think I have come to comprehend the whole union thing. Again, right or wrong, good or bad, antiquated or not, it is something that I agreed to.

    Have a great night!

  17. I and cranberry juice....see ya
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    i worked for non union trucking companies for over a dozen years and if you couldn't adjust brakes, replace lights, change out air lines and such you would be out of a job.

    our TA is in the middle of nowhere. about a 4 hr roundtrip for an outside mechanic service so all of us pitch in to make minor repairs.

    but i would NEVER EVER move a piece of equipment that I thought was unsafe.
  19. 104Feeder

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    Our contract says you will not be required to make repairs other than to change tires to keep rolling. The reality is if they are working with me then I will go to any lengths necessary to get the job done. If it's game on then I don't know how to work a screwdriver.
  20. Dracula

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    A light that might be loose, or a grommet on a glad hand, a simple thing like that I might mess with if they aren't hassling me about my time, But I will NEVER touch any part of the brakes, or anything under the hood, other than adding fluids. And I won't apologize for it either. There is a reason why we have mechanics and a reason why we have drivers.