How is everyone liking the new UPS Flexible Access?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Going Postal, Mar 5, 2009.

  1. Going Postal

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    Are you getting many return packages at the Post Office? Is anyone seeing rude or cranky Postal People when they show up to pickup the packages? What are some of the positives or negatives? I haven't seen any but heard alot about it.
  2. Going Postal

    Going Postal New Member

    Gee don't everyone speak up at once. Just trying to see how you all feel about this program. It sounds like a money maker and will make our lives easier. Being I have to drop at the Post Office every day anyway. Picking up packages there for us to return and saving us driving miles around to pick up sounds like a win win.
  3. sexyupsman

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    I am not a UPS employee however, I do go to the post office. What a bunch of :censored2: off, miserable, unhappy, cranky, mean and ugly people. I would rather spend an extra $2 just to ship my letters via UPS. They are the worst people to deal with!:peaceful:
  4. Ms.PacMan

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    I deliver to the Post Office and haven't noticed any increase in the number I pick-up. Still just the missorts, a couple for ARS packages and NDA letters left in mailboxes.

    I keep waiting for the day though, that the mailman stops me and says, Oh, btw you have packages there, there, and there, pointing to the houses :happy2:.